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Republican Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee has had a series of clashes with President Trump, most recently on the administration's muted response to Saudi Arabia's... [Read More]
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As Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation closes in on President Trump, his family and his associates, much of the focus has shifted to their... [Read More]
Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) says he does not support a partial government shutdown, despite President Trump's insistence he will do so if the border wall... [Read More]
Christian Bale wading into the political scene with a new revelation about President Trump. In a new interview with Variety, he said Trump in 2011... [Read More]
In a tense Oval Office meeting with Senator Chuck Schumer and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, President Trump said Tuesday he would be "proud" to shut down... [Read More]
Michael Cohen, the former personal attorney for President Trump, will be sentenced in Federal Court in New York today following his guilty pleas in two... [Read More]
CBS News' Marc Liverman has the latest on the trial of Michael Cohen, President Trump's former attorney. [Read More]
Nikki Haley, the outgoing U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, talks with TODAY's Craig Melvin about slain journalist Jamal Khashoggi, President Trump's search for the... [Read More]
In hopes of getting the funding needed for his long-promised border wall, President Trump is threatening a partial government shutdown. [Read More]
President Trump has been crowing over the past few weeks about the "best" and "greatest" economy "in the history of our... [Read More]
Memes falsely claim that the animated series showed Trump touching a glowing orb fifteen years before the actual incident took place. [Read More]
House Republican leaders are contemplating bringing legislation to the floor that would provide the $5 billion President Trump is demanding for a wall on the... [Read More]
Michael Cohen, President Trump's longtime lawyer, is sentenced in federal court in New York City after pleading guilty to a variety of crimes including campaign... [Read More]
Incoming New York Attorney General Letitia James plans to fully investigation President Trump and his family's business dealings when she takes office next year. [Read More]
President Donald Trump is citing a shooting attack in France as he calls on Democratic congressional leaders to support funding for a wall at the... [Read More]
Google CEO Sundar Pichai explains to congresswoman why images of U.S. President Trump turns up when you search 'idiot'. [Read More]
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