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Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 06:12 PM
FEMA announced that federal emergency aid is now available to the state of South Carolina to supplement the state, tribal, and local response efforts in... [Read More]
President Trump took to Twitter Thursday night to promote the One America Appeal, a fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey Relief organized by the former presidents. [Read More]
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox announced a faux 2020 presidential campaign against President Trump in a video shared Thursday."Donald, every time I make fun of... [Read More]
There was a fiery debate on The Five over President Trump's deal he made with the Democrats yesterday. [Read More]
There was a fiery debate on The Five over President Trump's deal he made with the Democrats yesterday. [Read More]
After infuriating Republicans by siding with Democrats in debt ceiling negotiations, Donald Trump took Nancy Pelosi's advice that he should tweet a message of reassurance... [Read More]
The release of visitor logs for President Trump's South Florida Mar-a-Lago club has been delayed, according to a watchdog group seeking the records.Citizens for Responsibility... [Read More]
President Trump and San Francisco Democrats are having a moment. Last week, Dianne Feinstein hoped he could become a good president. This week, Nancy Pelosi... [Read More]
The court exempted grandparents, other family members and thousands of refugees from President Trump's travel ban, now under Supreme Court review. [Read More]
President Trump's Department of Homeland Security is planning nationwide raids to target 8,400 undocumented immigrants later this month, according to three law enforcement officials and... [Read More]
USA Today Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page sits down with journalist and author Sally Quinn to talk about her new book, 'Finding Magic: A Spiritual... [Read More]
Two days after President Trump announced the decision to end DACA, recipients on the Central Coast are sharing their concern. [Read More]

For the last couple of days, the Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) have spent much of their coverage of President Trump's recent Differed... [Read More]

President Trump's deal with Democrats leaves Republicans wondering where they stand. [Read More]
President Trump is having a hard time selling senators on his call for an end to the filibuster, but Republicans running for the Senate are... [Read More]
House Speaker Paul Ryan told Fox News' "The Story with Martha MacCallum" in an exclusive interview Thursday that he would oppose any deal to eliminate... [Read More]
Vice President Pence hosted a gathering of the 38-member Texas congressional delegation on Thursday night, where he spoke on the continuing recovery efforts in Texas... [Read More]
President Trump faces a mountain of perilous political and national security issues in the months to come on a number of fronts, both here and... [Read More]
Next week, a who's who of voting rights foes will meet in New Hampshire for the second convening of what President Trump calls his Election... [Read More]
President Trump thanked the Republican National Committee for a tweet highlighting his personal donation to Hurricane Harvey relief eff... [Read More]