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Another Trump supporter feeling perfectly comfortable being a nasty racist, and using the election of Donald Trump as an excuse for it: ... [Read More]
Dyne Suh, a 25-year-old law student from Riverside, California, just wanted to enjoy a relaxing Presidents' Day weekend with her fiancÃ... [Read More]
Every year in February a vicious streak appears in my soul. It has nothing to do with wintry weather and snow and driving on icy... [Read More]
The extended spring ski season means more time to try resorts' new restaurants and attractions in the Sierras, as well as more powder on the... [Read More]
Why can't we declare war on greedy March? [...] February's schedule is so crowded they had to condense Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays into Presidents... [Read More]
The Department of Environmental Conservation will accept public comment on a proposal for four free fishing days to added to complement the state's existing free... [Read More]
The first of the year brings the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, Black History Month, Presidents Day, Women's History Month and other observances designed to... [Read More]
On Presidents' Day, U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan met with approximately 200 protestors and supporters outside the Warren G. Harding Home and memori... [Read More]
Viviane Coimbra, Martha Lum and Emma Thoron – all members of Orcas 4H Fur and Feathers – attended the "Know Your Government" conference in Olympia... [Read More]
With the heavy lowland snowfall this winter, longtime residents and emergency management personnel knew about the potential for flood problems as spring approached. Last year,... [Read More]
Tuesday night, the Smith County Republic Club held their 29th Annual Presidents' Day Dinner and the keynote speaker was former Ambassador John Bolton. [Read More]
By Keith Weiner Gold Scarcity Intensifies Further Last week (a holiday-shortened week, as Monday was Presidents Day in the US), the price of the dollar... [Read More]
Misplaced offenseI write this letter in response to Barbara Stevens's letter to the editor (Monitor letters, Feb. 23). She made note in her article of... [Read More]
Professional help much appreciated I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the young man at 911 dispatch for the excellent service on the... [Read More]
No fewer than 27 aviators violated flight restriction zones during the first three weekends President Donald Trump was at his Palm Beach Mar-a-Lago estate, the Federal Aviation... [Read More]
I was proud to see the millions of Americans who honored Donald Trump by rioting on Presidents Day. I have no doubt that many are... [Read More]
The Presidents' Day holiday may have shortened the trading week that was the fourth week of February 2017. But unfortunately, squeezing the entire trading week... [Read More]
Trump factsTo letter writer Barbara Stevens (Monitor letters, Feb. 23): I, too, am a 70-year-old woman and think what happened to you on Presidents Day... [Read More]
A right and dutyIt is appalling that a threatening tone was used against a 70-plus-year-old woman by a protester in Concord on Presidents Day (Monitor... [Read More]