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Security is tightened as police review exactly how she was able to sneak in. [Read More]
FIGURES are revealed after a woman was arrested last week trying to get into Prince George's school... [Read More]
A WOMAN accused of trying to break into Prince George's £18,000-a-year school is a self-styled 'Royal Superfan' who is understood to have mental health problems,... [Read More]
This week, an intruder allegedly broke into Prince George's school. But that's just the tip of the iceberg for royal security scares. [Read More]
A unnamed 40-year-old woman was held after she managed to gain access to the super-posh Thomas' Battersea School... [Read More]
Prince William says it has been an "interesting week" after someone allegedly tries to break into his son's school in London. [Read More]
While Kate Middleton was too sick to accompany her son on his first day of school, the prince's school administrator channelled the Duchess' style. [Read More]
Prince George arrived at Thomas's Battersea in London earlier this morning and the world couldn't be more excited. Between debate clubs, ballet, and 24-aft... [Read More]
The head of Prince George's school wore an outfit that looked very similar to one we've seen Princess Kate in ... [Read More]
Pittsburgh News Videos... [Read More]
Prince George clung onto his father's hand as he attended his first day at school... [Read More]
It's not going to be cheap to pay for the next 14 years of Prince George's school career - which will cost 32 times that... [Read More]
The future king is due to join one of three co-education reception classes at a £17,600-a-year private school in south London this week... [Read More]
Prince George will begin his first day at school at Thomas' Battersea on Thursday and the school have promised to make his parents 'feel secure'... [Read More]
As the first day of school dawns, it is sometimes hard to tell who is more nervous:... [Read More]
Prince George is headed to school soon and his new uniform is over-the-top cute! Check out all the preppy fashions the tiny royal will be... [Read More]
Prince George's school is for "cosmopolitan parents who want their children to have the best English education money can buy." [Read More]
Prince George will start at Thomas's Battersea school in Wandsworth, London in two weeks – get all the details about the £17,604 per year school... [Read More]