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The Trump administration issued a proposal that would make it harder for legal immigrants to become citizens or get green cards. [Read More]
The Board of Education Monday rejected a compromise proposed by Superintendent of Schools Paul K. Smith in an effort to end the continuing budget impasse.... [Read More]
In day two of a three-day public hearing over the Trump administration's proposal to freeze fuel-efficiency standards at 2020 levels through 2026, automakers urged regulators... [Read More]
While I don't think engagement rings are a waste of money (for those couples who truly value them), and while we (thankfully) can afford to... [Read More]
In an effort to make it more difficult for legal immigrants to live and work in the United States, the Trump administration proposed new rules... [Read More]
The federal government wants to know the best way to protect your privacy online. On Tuesday, the Department of Commerce released a request for public... [Read More]
France and other EU countries are looking for pretexts for sanctions, working out a plan to simplify the procedure for imposing sanctions for alleged use... [Read More]
The Sterling Bay development firm has lowered the height of a proposed warehouse on Frontage Road in Darien, next to the Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve,... [Read More]
The companies instead prefer easing Obama-era regulations without rollbacks or freezes... [Read More]
* EU's platform-to-business proposal targets online tech giants... [Read More]
The finance committee approved the proposal for hiring a company to do the audit for the Governmental Accountability Standards Board. Mayor John David said they... [Read More]
Massachusetts voters are split over a ballot question limiting how many patients nurses can be assigned to in hospitals, and overwhelmingly support retaining the 2016... [Read More]
The Utah County Commission set an October public hearing for a proposal to levy a tax rate that exceeds the county's certified tax rate. [Read More]
The maker of Smith & Wesson firearms lost a prolonged fight with religious groups and other shareholders who want it to consider a plan to... [Read More]
It's already illegal to text and drive in Idaho, but now the Idaho Falls City Council is considering a proposal to make it illegal to... [Read More]
Milwaukee's troubled Health Department would get a major funding boost from Mayor Tom Barrett under the 2019 budget proposal he presented Tuesday. [Read More]
The exact plans for the future of Northbrook Court are coming into sharper focus after the village posted details of the proposal in advance of... [Read More]
India Business News: New Delhi, Sep 25 () The board of Bank of Baroda will meet on September 29 to consider the government's proposal to... [Read More]
WASHINGTON—In response to numerous complaints from consumers with U.S.-regulation buttocks, congressional lawmakers proposed new legislation Tuesday that would require airline seats to meet federal ass... [Read More]
Austria's chancellor said on Tuesday a proposal by a far-right coalition partner to shut out several newspapers was unacceptable, suggesting further tensions between the ruling... [Read More]