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At least 73 prisoners in South Carolina have asked judges to reconsider their lengthy sentences because they were young when they committed their misdeeds. But... [Read More]
Attorney Michael Avenatti is in a spat with federal prosecutors because they canceled their meeting with his client Stormy Daniels. [Read More]
An inmate who alleged he was framed by a crew of Chicago police officers linked to corrupt ex-Sgt. Ronald Watts was set to walk free... [Read More]
Two brothers and another man who forced a teenage girl into prostitution have been sentenced to prison terms. Gloucester County prosecutors say 27-year-old Brandon... [Read More]
Police say a Clinton man was under the influence of alcohol and had several weapons when he threatened to kill police earlier this month. Prosecutors... [Read More]
Prosecutors say they will retry a former deputy's husband charged in the death of a man he and his wife confronted outside a Houston-area restaurant.... [Read More]
Prosecutors say the firm is controlled by a businessman dubbed "Putin's cook" in Russian media. [Read More]
A man who alleges that members of a unit headed by a corrupt Chicago police sergeant planted a gun on him to win a conviction... [Read More]
A Colorado man is charged with first-degree murder in the strangulation death of his wife after the struggle was recorded on a surveillance camera's audio.... [Read More]
Federal prosecutors are seeking nearly year-long sentences for a former Lake County police chief and tow operator indicted alongside convicted former Sheriff John Buncich. ... [Read More]
An Indianapolis man killed his mother in a dispute that began when she asked him to turn down his music, prosecutors said.        ... [Read More]
The Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg says that prosecutors will take Terry Thompson back to court after a deadlocked jury and mistrial. [Read More]
Planned meeting scuttled after word of it leaked to the press. [Read More]
Defense attorney Scot Courtney said all 12 jurors believed Thompson was justified in using self-defense. But two of them didn't feel comfortable saying he was... [Read More]
The family of a Philadelphia police officer killed during a 2015 robbery of a video game store says prosecutors contacted to say they had negotiated... [Read More]
"We've once again reviewed and considered the evidence in the death of John Hernandez," the district attorney's office said Monday. "It has been determined that... [Read More]
The judge revoked Manafort's bail and ordered him in jail pending trial after prosecutors alleged he tampered with potential witnesses. [Read More]
Hedge funds and private equity firms are pouring money into so-called mass-tort loans, even as federal prosecutors investigate aspects of the business. [Read More]
A man who admitted to eating popsicles after stabbing his lover to death was found guilty of murder. A jury convicted David Villarreal, 32, in... [Read More]
A woman has admitted to murdering her mother in Wayne County, prosecutors say... [Read More]