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Car crashes are the No. 1 killer of U.S. teens. In fact, the fatal crash rate per mile driven for 16- to 17-year-olds is nearly... [Read More]
DAVID DE GEA celebrated his role in Manchester United's win over Tottenham by framing the boots he used to stunning effect at Wembley. The Spaniard,... [Read More]
Massachusetts takes a swing at regulating small colleges at risk of shutting down in order to better protect students. Institutions at risk would have to... [Read More]
Mobile banking has become a popular trend. [Read More]
In light of the SIM-swapping epidemic, we spoke with Google's head of account security about what cryptocurrency investors can do to protect their coins. [Read More]
My wife and I were denied a place at a retirement community because we are a same-sex couple. This is unlawful sex discrimination, plain and... [Read More]
Jet2 has joined a number of business voices calling for Britain's high streets to be saved, as the airline looks to protect its travel agent... [Read More]
Environment News: The 112-member-armed STPF will be headed by an Assistant Conservator of Forests to protect tiger population in Amarabad and Kawal Tiger Reserves. The... [Read More]
A federal judge has struck down part of a law that regulates public adjusters in Maine. Public adjusters are third-party contractors who can be hired... [Read More]
The blue lights on a home at the North Wilma Avenue roundabout is a Ripon couple's way of thanking peace officers for what they do... [Read More]
The law will protect the landmark decision in the event that it is overturned by the Supreme Court. [Read More]
The 112-member-armed STPF will be headed by an Assistant Conservator of Forests to protect tiger population in Amarabad and Kawal Tiger Reserves. The State and... [Read More]
Federal agents are not only concerned about their bank accounts but also how the government shutdown impacts their ability to protect Americans and fight the... [Read More]
Move follows calls to exempt people working in conflict zones from bill that would make it an offence to visit terror hotspots... [Read More]
On 20 May, in a stuffy hall inside Baghdad's Green Zone, behind the seven lines of sandbagged checkpoints, razor wire and sniffer dogs that protect... [Read More]
Populist anger followed Macron and Merkel signing the Aachen treaty: "an act that borders on treason" denounced Le Pen. [Read More]
Pakistan's government is failing to enforce laws that could protect millions of garment workers from serious labor rights abuses, Human Rights Watch said in a... [Read More]
The digital age we live in both amazes and frightens many consumers. New technology that allows us to span the globe for news in real... [Read More]
The Australian government should limit unofficial baby formula exports to two tins per person to help ease product shortages in local retail stores, an Australian... [Read More]
A lawsuit claims United Airlines failed to take appropriate action when a 16-year-old girl called for help after she was sexually assaulted on a flight... [Read More]