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LEXINGTON, Ky (LEX 18) The devastation in Puerto Rico has one local restaurant planning a benefit to help the U.S. territory in the wake of... [Read More]
Volunteers from the Suncoast Animal League are back home after 4 days in Puerto Rico. They're stunned by the damage on the hurricane-ravaged island and... [Read More]
Sammy Rolon is living in a makeshift clinic set up at a school. He has cerebral palsy and epilepsy, and is bed-ridden. He's waiting for... [Read More]
Students at Jody Richards Elementary School have started a fundraiser to help schools in Puerto Rico affected by the hurricane. [Read More]
Wesley Miller is an emergency management specialist, and he stepped up when the Federal Emergency Management Agency put out the call for help from the... [Read More]
Rogelio and Victoria Morales have each other, but they don't know if they'll ever return home again.Home for this couple in their 70s is Hatillo,... [Read More]
Having failed as a neocolonial warlord in trying to get the contract to replace all US troops in ... [Read More]
From the San Juan Daily Star ( The PR national guard has been tasked with making sure that food and... [Read More]
While many have been putting their donations toward helping people affected by hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, Plymouth Glass and Thomaston Insurance are... [Read More]
Click here to view this item from... [Read More]
As the President defends the government's response to the disaster in Puerto Rico, a family fled those conditions left behind by Hurricane Maria to western... [Read More]
It's been nearly a month since Hurricane Maria made landfall on Puerto Rico, wiping out power, destroying land, and making living conditions next to impossible.... [Read More]
Nationally, Americans have been working together to provide Puerto Rico with as much hurricane relief as possible. Locally, Augustans are working together to do the... [Read More]
Maria's eye ravaged the rural town of Yabucoa in Puerto Rico. Weeks later, relief has been slow, almost nonexistent. [Read More]
More than 100 animals from Puerto Rico are headed to Indiana Monday night, as Puerto Rico struggles to recover from Hurricane Maria. [Read More]
Three Waltham police officers are on their way to Puerto Rico, in response to a request for Spanish-speaking law enforcement personnel to provide aid in... [Read More]
Tropics has one area to watch north of Puerto Rico and moving north towards Bermuda. A medium chance of development is expected over the next... [Read More]
CBS4 reporter Hank Tester and photographer Rudy Marshall got into Yabucoa, one of severely impacted by Hurricane Maria. [Read More]
Imagine being in your late 90s, living your retirement in your gorgeous hometown which happens to be in paradise and overnight having to come back... [Read More]
Heidi Viera and her husband Jose Aponte are packing for a trip to Puerto Rico. [Read More]