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After hurricane Maria, many Puerto Ricans relocated to Florida. NBC's Kerry Sanders takes a trip back to his alma mater, University of South Florida, to... [Read More]
A star of the Broadway hit "Hamilton" is urging Puerto Ricans displaced by Hurricane Maria to familiarize themselves with voter identification laws so they can participate... [Read More]
Hidden Hispanic History: A Community of Puerto Ricans in Vicksburg, MS are making major strides in the world of STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. [Read More]
The number of Puerto Ricans eligible to vote in Florida now equals that of the politically powerful Cuban-American population, according to a new Pew Research... [Read More]
"What we're seeing is tremendous enthusiasm," said Betsy Franceschini, senior state director for Florida at the Hispanic Federation. [Read More]
After Hurricane Maria, some Puerto Ricans relocated to the City of Amsterdam where they found help thanks to a local group. [Read More]
Aggressive efforts in the past year to register potential Puerto Rican voters in Central Florida has yielded an estimated 40,000 newly registered Boricuas this year,... [Read More]
'The Museum of the Old Colony" is an exhibit currently on display at the Hampshire College Art Gallery that showcases black and white photographs from... [Read More]
With over 40,000 Florida Puerto Ricans registered to vote in the midterms, 'Hamilton's' Javier Muñoz is campaigning to educate them on the state's Voter ID... [Read More]
New Puerto Rican voters in Florida may not know the state requires certain government-issued IDs before voting, and groups can help get them. [Read More]
Tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans in Florida are registered to vote in the November midterm elections and former Hamilton lead actor Javier Muñoz wants... [Read More]
For some Latinos, Puerto Ricans in particular, it raises questions about identity and cultural roots, as some have been a part of the U.S. territory... [Read More]
The devastation wrought by the natural disaster deeply affected Puerto Ricans such as the Astros' star shortstop. [Read More]
In 1953, the church established Saint Rosa de Lima -- giving Puerto Ricans their own parish. [Read More]
Cora, 42, is the team's first Latino manager, and in his first year at the helm he led the Sox to a franchise record 108... [Read More]
Thousands of children arriving to Florida from Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria a year ago have already been dealing with homelessness. These kids must be... [Read More]
Puerto Rico's government says it has repaired 80 percent of stoplights across the U.S. territory since Hurricane Maria hit more than a year ago. Officials... [Read More]
Over a third of all Latino voters said that Florida has not done enough to welcome Puerto Ricans to the state in the aftermath of... [Read More]
As more Puerto Ricans move to Florida, a growing number of professionals from the island are settling in Miami, some spurred by Hurricane Maria. [Read More]
A family and immigration lawyer writes that Florida can do better to integrate immigrants and Puerto Rican migrants into our communities with equal opportunities. [Read More]