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as if Vladimir Putin made robo-calls all over the U.S. endorsing Trump and getting voters to elect him. [Read More]
A hundred years after the Russian revolution, Russia has a tsar and a court. Proximity to Putin is the key to wealth, office and survival.... [Read More]
Fancy a beer with a twist of political intrigue? A craft brewery in Ukraine has cashed in on the frenzy surrounding Donald Trump's possible campaign... [Read More]
Brennan 'Worried by a Number of Contacts' in Russia Probe ... [Read More]
Subpoenas are flying, a special prosecutor is taking the reins, and explosive revelations hit the press almost daily: the investigation into possible collusion between President... [Read More]
AP The single-aisle airliner market is one of the most lucrative and hotly contested segments in the aviation business. But for the past... [Read More]
Vladmir Putin likened doping whistleblower to Josef Stalin's purges. [Read More]
The Federal Communications Commission won't discipline "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert for making an oral sex joke this month involving President Trump and his Russian... [Read More]
Colbert suggested on his "Late Show" early in May that Trump's mouth was only good for oral sex with Putin. [Read More]
Late Show host Stephen Colbert doesn't hide his disdain for President Donald Trump. He celebrates it. Even the backlash over Colbert's recent gay... [Read More]
Conan O'Brien was asked about Stephen Colbert's controversial Trump-Putin joke and whether or not he thought it was appropriate. [Read More]
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte decided to cut his visit to Russia and rescheduled the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin for late Tuesday. [Read More]
Russian President Vladimir Putin has fulfilled his promise and personally awarded Russian Special Forces' fighters who have been repelling an attack by terrorists in Syria... [Read More]
Duterte declared martial law in Mindanao and made the personal request to Putin for guns to help fight terrorists in the country. "[...] our... [Read More]
Television's boundaries of civility are gone, Conan O'Brien said, commenting on Stephen Colbert's lewd joke about President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. [Read More]
"This is a very high standard..." [Read More]
Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed hope Wednesday that Macedonia's domestic political situation will evolve according to the state's constitution. [Read More]
The Russian leader wants to destroy the Europe Macron so proudly defends. [Read More]
The Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte arrived in Moscow to meet with Vladimir Putin to expand partnership and ask for assistance in arms procurement. Sputnik Radio... [Read More]
The majority of Russian opposition parties support the annexation of Crimea. [Read More]