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Its quantum computer can solve tasks that are otherwise unsolvable, a report says. [Read More]
How can you create more originality, alignment and innovation at work? [Read More]
Community members expressed frustration, concern and anger at a Mount Anthony Union School District board meeting Wednesday night.over what some term the cancellation of a... [Read More]
Over the last few years TCL has developed a reputation for releasing high-quality, low-price 4K TVs, with Roku's smart TV platform built-in as well as... [Read More]
Topological quantum materials foster charge and spin states protected from several perturbations, such as crystal defects and impurities or interactions with their noisy "quantum-incoherent" environment.... [Read More]
Project leaders: Professors Robert Calderbank and Henry PfisterProject manager: Narayanan RengaswamyTeam members: Atsushi Hu, Joey Li, Becca Shapiro Project summary:... [Read More]
Project leader: Professor Alex WatsonProject manager: Jeff LaCombTeam members: Jonathan Michala, Alex Pierson Project summary:... [Read More]
Canadian copper miner First Quantum Minerals Ltd is drawing preliminary takeover interest from global miners after losing half its value over the past five years,... [Read More]
IBM introduced the most powerful quantum computer open to the public, a machine that features an impressive 53 quantum bits or qubits. The company also... [Read More]
It shares some features with quantum annealers, but it's easier to build and operate. [Read More]
'While there would be much discussion of the exact quantum of these interventions, the central issue is that they will need to be much more... [Read More]
With the fleet expansion, IBM is hoping to build out the ecosystem for quantum computing research and commercial applications. [Read More]
A POCSO Court on Wednesday convicted a person in the sensational rape and murder case of a minor girl on April 21, 2018 in Salepur... [Read More]
"Our strategy was to move quantum computing beyond isolated lab experiments into the hands of tens of thousands of users," Dario Gil, director of IBM... [Read More]
Deputy chief minister Laxman Savadi, who holds the transport portfolio, had announced earlier this week that the state government would follow the model adopted by... [Read More]
The U.S. government has publicized its investments in whiz-bang fields such as quantum technology and AI. But to help companies remain competitive, it should boost... [Read More]
Conventional computers operate deterministically using strings of zeros and ones called bits to represent information in binary code. Despite the evolution of conventional computers into... [Read More]
Prime factorization using a nanomagnet chip. [Read More]
Boston-based Aliro Technologies aims to create a hardware-agnostic platform for programming quantum computers. [Read More]
Facility will focus on study programs, multidisciplinary research and international collaborations... [Read More]