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Mariah Bath, longtime quilter and renowned quilt teacher, will teach a Sylvia Pippin class on tropical florals sashiko and applique quilting this weekend at Volcano... [Read More]
Members of Cabin Fever Quilters' Guild are offering public demonstrations of their craft in the Bear Gallery, located on the third floor of the Alaska... [Read More]
A group of ladies is keeping the fading art form of traditional quilting alive and well in Mooresville.Although their numbers have dwindled over the years,... [Read More]
When quilter Nada Torgerson moved to Bend from Anchor Point, Alaska, in 2014, she was eager to find her people. At her first visit to... [Read More]
To be an American citizen is a blessing and a privilege. That is the motto of a group of ladies who have dedicated their lives... [Read More]
Quilting, Applique, Wall hangings, Table runners are the many choices of ways to sew art.Creativity from choices of colors, textures, design all come together to... [Read More]
Come see a dazzling display of quilts including the Patriotic Fallen Warrior Quilts given to New Mexico families that have lost a soldier in the... [Read More]