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Gaming company Razer is poised to shake up traditional real estate development with a new start-up that aims to incorporate artificial intelligence, the Internet of... [Read More]
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Razer's decision to close its game store wasn't its only cost-cutting measure. The game hardware maker has cut 30 jobs (about 2 percent of... [Read More]
The company remains "committed" to supporting the Razer Phone 2 despite the staff cuts, it said. [Read More]
As part of Razer's "realignment plans," the Razer Game Store is saying sayonara just 10 months after launch. [Read More]
Razer kicked off the trend of the gaming smartphone, but it seems that its efforts could have come to an end, along with the Razer... [Read More]
Today, you can save big on the gaming-focused unlocked Razer Phone 2, grab a $35 eShop credit with a Nintendo Switch, and enjoy a steep... [Read More]
The Razer Phone 2 was released in October of last year, and if you enjoy playing games on the go, it's not a bad phone.... [Read More]
The future of Razer's smartphone plans now seem uncertain following claims there will be no Razer Phone 3 coming to market. A... [Read More]
Razor Game will be closing its digital storefront on Feb. 28 at 4 am EST. Users are advised to retrieve any unused keys from the... [Read More]
Less than a year after announcing the launch of what it promised would be a new digital distribution platform for PC games that offered "instant... [Read More]
Welcome back to the week. While gaming laptop player Razer shutters its game store, we're getting primed for Samsung's big phone launch this Wednesday, where... [Read More]
One less digital option for PC gamers, and the end of some compelling discounts. [Read More]
Razer is one of the dominant brands in gaming when it comes to buying equipment to play, but one of its biggest efforts to own... [Read More]
For many, the modern PC gaming suite is not complete unless you can stream out your game to an audience. Last year saw Razer release... [Read More]
It only opened 10 months ago. [Read More]
The Razer Game Store will close on February 28 at 1am PST, the company announced in a blog post. This comes less than a year... [Read More]