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Over the past decade, the fire ant invaded Texas after being brought in from South America. Folks here don't like the fire ant, as it... [Read More]
I agreed with the July 10 letter, "Does anybody really want roundabouts?"The Minnesota Department of Transportation is now talking about putting a roundabout in Cromwell... [Read More]
The news of the Department of Justice investigating Glencore's finances for potential money-laundering continues the company's history of questionable integrity and financial soundness ("Glencore shares... [Read More]
Grey wolves are an enduring symbol of America's natural heritage. Once nearly driven to extinction by indiscriminate hunting and persecution, wolves slowly have begun to... [Read More]
All the letters to the editor on the June 26 News Tribune Opinion page bore an amazing resemblance to the pronouncements of U.S. Rep. Maxine... [Read More]
During a recent camping and fishing trip to northern Minnesota, my son and my 7-year-old grandson decided to cross the Canadian border. As we approached... [Read More]
After reading the July 9 "In Response" column, "Trump-supported burning of more coal only exacerbating warming," I felt a need to submit a rebuttal. [Read More]
I feel profound disappointment regarding the Democrats' response — and lack of response — to the circumstances of our borders.Actor Peter Fonda's remark that President... [Read More]
This is in response to complaints about the cost of President Donald Trump's visit to Duluth ("Presidential visit price tag nearly $90,000," July 1).Several presidents... [Read More]
This is in response to the June 25 letter, "No vacationing in Minnesota now:"I would like to tell you that I and many, many of... [Read More]
I have been reading all the letters to the editor in the News Tribune about President Donald Trump's visit to Duluth on June 20. My... [Read More]
To the editor: Voters in Ward 1 of the City of Midland will have the opportunity to choose a city councilman in the Aug.... [Read More]
To the editor: So it's midnight on July 4, and I'm still hearing pops and seeing flashes. I was kept awake until 2 a.m.... [Read More]
To the editor: Not just anyone has the passion, the drive, and the charisma to engage and mobilize their communities. Sarah Schulz has done... [Read More]
To the editor: Letter writer Allan Payne would be more credible responding to what I actually wrote. He is a President Donald Trump supporter,... [Read More]
All the letters to the editor on the June 26 News Tribune Opinion page appeared to be from opponents of President Donald Trump. Were there... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's family separation policy was mass child abuse. Children were put in cages. More than 1,000 were lost in the system, and many... [Read More]
Again, the country has another "Great White Father" in the White House. That term was the title of an 1830 portrait of President Andrew Jackson... [Read More]
Immigration needs to be legal. No country can accommodate all who may want to live there. Canada and Australia do not allow immigrants who cannot... [Read More]
I read the July 7 front-page article on Henry Banks' press conference ("Founder: Memorial neglect 'disrespectful'").I met Banks years ago in West Duluth. It seems,... [Read More]