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To the editor: I have been observing the construction of the apartment building on the corner of Buttles and M-20 and observing what little... [Read More]
To the editor: On Thursday, April 13, we here at Senior Services had a program called Lunch Time Learners, featuring the 1979 McArdle-Pontiac Fastpitch... [Read More]
To the editor: The Harvard Business School had a business study case that was titled "Exit, Voice or Loyalty." It has been 40 years... [Read More]
I was saddened by the picture and the article on the front page of the April 18 News Tribune about a new machine, a nicotine... [Read More]
I oppose the proposed land swap that would benefit Polymet Mining because I believe its proposed copper mine would not be a good in the... [Read More]
So the president's long-time lawyer and so-called "fixer" was served with search warrants, and documents were seized. America may actually learn hard facts about how... [Read More]
but not this fast") he mentioned and set right several false claims made by climate deniers.First, of course, climate has always changed.... [Read More]
Let me see if I understand this: Two companies want to dig copper-nickel mines in northern Minnesota in environmentally pristine areas, one of which is... [Read More]
This is in response to Duluth City Councilor Jay Fosle's March 25 letter, "Only one meeting missed in 10 years," which was in response to... [Read More]
To the editor: The Rev. Harold J. Slater, I read your powerful academic tirade of President Donald Trump. I really liked that you... [Read More]
To the editor: I see that letter writer Ron Parmele is foisting his left wing views on us again. He thinks the original USSR... [Read More]
To the editor: Monday morning shoutout to the Midland County Road Commission and all of the utility workers in the area. We live in... [Read More]
To the editor: Thank you for the compassion and sensitivity shown in your reporting of the impact of the June 2017 flooding within Midland... [Read More]
To the editor: Given our president's latest proposal for "the wall," I propose we set up a sign on the U.S. side that says,... [Read More]
To the editor: On April 10, Kiwanis Club of Midland and Kiwassee Kiwanis Club of Midland presented "Mona Lisa Is Missing," by Joe Medeiros,... [Read More]
Those who believe our Constitution is infallible are ignoring its 27 amendments. The Constitution is a framework — not a finished product, as the NRA... [Read More]
In today's world, it is easy to understand confusion about reducing deaths, whatever the cause (Reader's View: "Which lives matter?" April 16). [Read More]
The slightest mention of gun control makes people worry their guns will be taken away. Such simplistic, fear-based ideas mirror the absurd propaganda spewing from... [Read More]
To the editor: After the Feb. 14 shooting in Parkland, Florida, the Majory Stoneman Douglas Students united and said: "Never again!" They called on... [Read More]
To the editor: I wanted to tell you and your readers about Relay For Life. This is an amazing and empowering event. If your... [Read More]