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and deserving... [Read More]
broken bolts, cracked welds and rusting cables. The train derailment in Washington will cause all trains to have automatic speed controls. What do we have... [Read More]
In response to the Auburn SRA's Lower Middle Fork management zone: Addressing accountability of the mountain bike community with consequences is paramount to all recreational... [Read More]
I don't remember voting in a CEO of Placer County? Especially for the pay waste of $373,000 dollars. Next is the fact that Placer County... [Read More]
I am really concerned that our homeless population in Auburn has no place to go if the shelter is full. Where do you expect... [Read More]
Quite frankly, John Boehner's group strikes again. The right wing demigods in their elementary school of rational thought take the "low road" by holding our... [Read More]
I enjoyed reading about Dennis Noone's dream about seeing money on the streets when he walks ("Going green amid concrete and asphalt," Editor's Notebook, Aug.... [Read More]
Angry at Christmas time in Colfax? Garden Club members wonder why. Last year and even before Christmas this year, it happened again — vandals came... [Read More]
Maybe your readers can help me with a dilemma? I am trying to figure out the difference between the possible involvement of the Russians trying... [Read More]
Hooray for Placer County Water Agency customers who are practicing water conservation. But their actions alone fall short of addressing drought concerns. According to data... [Read More]
"When the other guy is calling you names, you can know two things for certain: First, you are winning the argument, and second, the other... [Read More]
Look at the exemptions, indeed. Jerry Johnson's letter of Journal, Dec. 31, "Look at the exemptions," is yet another example of fake news foisted upon... [Read More]
Another successful Auburn Kiwanis See's Candies sale was made possible by the support of the Auburn community. This was a win-win for everybody! Customers avoided... [Read More]
As resident service coordinator at the Mercy Housing complex in Auburn, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the Auburn residents who... [Read More]
My thanks to Dr. Randall Cohen, M.D. Auburn ENT and his staff for helping me through a difficult year due to a recurring sinus infection.... [Read More]
In the Journal's Dec. 31 reader input, Ron Paitich asked "Who wants Tax Bill?" Well, I do. My taxes for 2018 will be lower. The... [Read More]
Good for Ramona Brockman and her attempt to have DeWitt Center placed on the National Register of Historic Places (Auburn Journal, Jan. 21). It would... [Read More]
So, cut Donald Trump some slack. Of course he needs to be more careful about what he says about women. Hey, President Franklin Roosevelt (FDR)... [Read More]
Dr. King had it right. Civil protest works. King's movement inspired the Civil Rights Act. By stark contrast, the far left among us disrupts, or... [Read More]
ShadowChase Running Club of Modesto extends a sincere and heartfelt thank you to the Placer County Search and Rescue team for its hard work and... [Read More]