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I recently read an article written by Gus Thomson (Auburn Journal, "Flying into the Dead Zone," Sept. 14). The video shows PG&E identifying a large... [Read More]
I want to thank Mora Rowe, Deb Arbogast and their ambitious team that dreamed of and produced possibly the finest Street Party our town of... [Read More]
Last week my 93-year-old mother's care home in Santa Rosa had to be evacuated. My two sisters, who also needed to evacuate, came to my... [Read More]
I agree with Steve Haverberg regarding bicycles ("Bicyclists: Follow rules of the road," Reader Input, May 19). Most of the riders seem to be totally... [Read More]
I am quickly realizing that opinions and taxpayer concerns don't really matter. So why do we keep writing letters, posting on Facebook and talking about... [Read More]
For the last two weeks we have had a crew of incredibly hard-working Hispanic workers changing our disaster of a backyard into a beautiful landscaped... [Read More]
Many thanks to the Auburn Journal and Auburn Chamber of Commerce for hosting the wonderful State of the Community Dinner where so many outstanding citizens... [Read More]
A recent article caught my eye, "Auburn's vulture visitor count up to 13K," Journal, Oct. 11. The article explained that "thousands of the wide... [Read More]
The Las Vegas tragedy continue to be in the news and how thankful we can be that of the 546 injured, 501 have been discharged.... [Read More]
I just watched a breaking news story about the couple who went on a backpacking trip in a Taliban-controlled area of Afghanistan. Not surprisingly, they... [Read More]
When our family moved from the Chicago area, we sought a community where we could raise our kids with access to fun outdoor activities. Auburn... [Read More]
I had a great laugh reading Pamela Dolan's letter, wondering if her vote counted (Reader Input: "Did my vote count?", June 20). In case the... [Read More]
Recently I wrote an open letter of apology to the governments and people of the countries this president is visiting. I apologized for what I... [Read More]
The Trump administration has announced its intention to rescind Obama's Clean Power Initiative. Their reason: It equates to "picking winners and losers" among energy producers.... [Read More]
Twenty years ago, we could have moved to Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, Folsom or other places. But we chose Auburn, a very special community and nice... [Read More]
Bayside Granite Bay serve day volunteers were a big help. I would like to say thank you to the 48 volunteers who helped the Auburn... [Read More]
A recent comic in the Journal portrayed a "Tough Neighborhood" breaking the hearts of children by opposing ARD's proposed Maidu bike park (Visual Viewpoint, Oct.... [Read More]
I echo Mary Lambeth's complaint about the unnecessary flushes by auto toilets ("Auto flushes just wasteful," Reader Input, March 25). I've also found that auto... [Read More]
I served the federal government for 35 years with the Department of Defense and the Air National Guard, I worked on aircraft electronics and combat... [Read More]
During October The Mountain Mail will run the column "Click and Clack Talk Cars" each Friday. [Read More]