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Real scientists seem to disagree about the global warming and the cause. However, the government in the State of California seems to know everything and... [Read More]
We have all had enough of hate, violence and bigotry! Anyone who watched any of the news clips of the white power demonstrators had... [Read More]
Is the NID board abdicating its responsibility for sound and sensible water management? The question before the NID board today is whether to authorize... [Read More]
The NID board meeting exposed lack of transparency on Aug. 9. NID called a meeting to approve a proposal to apply for money for the... [Read More]
Ron Lowe, once again writes a letter containing false information, followed by character assassination attacks on President Trump (Reader Input, Aug. 4). Lowe believes "President... [Read More]
I wish Mr. Paskey ("How to rebuild after nukes fall," Reader Input, June 10) would actually use real science when he tries to compare planetary... [Read More]
I read endless letters supporting the idea of climate change and global warming. I recently learned that much of the data used to support this... [Read More]
At face value our present world is quite chaotic. Need I say more? Yes, I do need to say more. We are addicted to fleeting... [Read More]
I recently read an article that said Governor Brown is trying to quash the environmental impact studies to see what impact his boondoggle bullet train... [Read More]
My wife and I have retired from teaching. All our lives we have worked with the handicapped, disabled and the less fortunate. My wife went... [Read More]
America is social turmoil. Gun violence is rampant and now, escalating street violence. America is killing itself! It is in domestic meltdown. Why? This is... [Read More]
What is really wrong with our health care programs? What the problem is that our elected "prima donnas" that we have sent to Washington won't... [Read More]
Next year in November we will have a chance to remove Doug LaMalfa from office. LaMalfa has represented California's Congressional District 1 since January 2013... [Read More]
I would like to thank the lift teams from Cal-Fire for the many times they came through rain, mud and heat to assist during my... [Read More]
As we all are aware times are still rough financially for most of us "average" citizens. It really disturbs me that it seems like the... [Read More]
Having engine trouble while pulling a horse trailer along I-80 on a 103-degree day is nerve racking enough, but when you are eight hours from... [Read More]
In the health care debate, it has become obvious that both sides are wrong. Both sides utilize private insurance companies to support their plans.... [Read More]
I want to compliment Gus Thomson for writing a thorough and well-written article on how the nomination process works for historic buildings (Auburn Journal, Jan.... [Read More]
I hope you remember Jessie Ventura, actor and professional wrestler, who was elected governor of Minnesota in 1999 as the Reform Party candidate. I remember... [Read More]
A state-run system for health care payment, like single payer, makes so much sense for California residents. The savings from eliminating the for-profit insurance companies,... [Read More]