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Josef Stalin, the infamous Soviet dictator and butcher, once said, "I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what... [Read More]
Redistricting reform is one idea we're both in complete agreement on, and I'm glad to see you putting this before narrow partisan interests ("In Maryland's... [Read More]
Over half of the state elected officials deciding new district lines in 2020 will be elected this year, a new study by the National Conference... [Read More]
One of the most appealing things about Gov. Ralph Northam is that he's not an ideological purist. [Read More]
Please keep this redistricting bill out of Pennsylvania Rep. Daryl Metcalfe's clutches, writes Morning Call columnist Bill White... [Read More]
Arkansas' attorney general has approved the wording for ballot measures that would raise the minimum wage, legalize casinos and change the redistricting process. That's after... [Read More]
Three members of California's Citizens Redistricting Commission will talk Thursday night in Pittsburgh about how the commission works in their state and how a similar... [Read More]
Members of Fair Districts PA, which advocates for redistricting reform, rally on the Capitol steps. (Katie Meyer/WITF) (Harrisburg) -- State lawmakers have advanced a bill... [Read More]
Redrawing district lines in the Kern High School District has been a hot topic for the last couple months, and at Monday night's meeting, the... [Read More]
The Michigan elections bureau is recommending certification of a ballot initiative that aims to end political gerrymandering by having an independent commission draw congressional and... [Read More]
Gerrymandered into six districts, liberal Austin voters could erode Republican margins in 2018. Deep in the heart of conservative Texas lies its liberal capital of... [Read More]
Colorado voters will decide a pair of constitutional amendments on the Nov. 6 ballot that would reform the politically charged process of congressional redistricting and... [Read More]
The Democrats called for requiring states to establish independent redistricting commissions and overturning the high court decision that allowed unlimited election spending        ... [Read More]
It was the Democrats' fault that rules drawing legislative boundaries didn't pass, even though a mandate for having 100 single-delegate districts did, and an independent... [Read More]
Good morning! The rain has stopped, making it a perect day to golf and that is exactly what the majority party of one half... [Read More]
By Tim Willert Staff Writer Oklahoma City Public Schools will consider closing some schools, expanding others and redrafting boundaries before the end of the... [Read More]
The Hobart City Council passed a resolution calling on the Indiana General Assembly to establish an independent commission on redistricting. [Read More]
To the editor: Michigan's Constitution begins, "All political power is inherent in the people." But, our current redistricting system gives politicians the power to... [Read More]