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Organizers of the "March For Our Lives" are expecting half a million people in Washington on Saturday to protest mass shootings in schools. It's organized by... [Read More]
As an early stage VC, you miss some big ones. The author explores two big early stage biotech deals he missed, Agios and Juno,... [Read More]
Every Passover, the highlight of the Seder experience for me is the story in the Haggadah about the  Four...... [Read More]
Toys R Us kid Melissa Reinert shares her memories of the "biggest story there is" ... or was. Toys R Us throughout the nation will... [Read More]
Dozens of relatives and friends somberly entered the church, where a people commented on Coady's life. Friends and Coady's towing employees spoke about the senselessness... [Read More]
Over at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week, Epic Games hosted a State of Unreal presentation to demonstrate future improvements to its... [Read More]
The first time I heard about a school shooting and really understood it was in 2012, when I read news about Sandy Hook Elementary School. [Read More]
Although a lot of the time stuff found on the internet (Facebook, Twitter, other social media) sites should be slid into the "trash" folder on... [Read More]
Through more than 40 years of ministry, I've heard the refrain from friends, "Every Christian should visit the Holy Land – especially pastors, teachers and... [Read More]
Sri Ramesh, 2017 SCU graduate, finds herself in a place of reflection. It's a surprising place to be, for this self-proclaimed "talker," but it's where... [Read More]
    A bit more from the British Marxist literary critic Terry Eagleton's 2008 Terry Lectures at Yale University, published as Reason, Faith, and Revolution:... [Read More]
It's not like he is an expert on the financial crisis or anything Since it has now been a decade since the collapse of Bear... [Read More]
"Philip Roth as much as Portnoy had an impossible identity, back in 1969." [Read More]
    I'm reading Terry Eagleton, Reason, Faith, and Revolution: Reflections on the God Debate (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2009).  The book... [Read More]
"We hope (Sirius XM) will decide to keep the Billy Graham Channel on the air," said the younger Graham, whose reflections on Easter (April 1... [Read More]
If you follow the technology in computer graphics, we've always known where we eventually want to end up. Our demands aren't much: we simply want... [Read More]
It pays to take time out from the daily grind and hear some of the things that are on the minds of Lenawee County residents. [Read More]
Before I discuss a special CARE experience at Barker Road Middle School, I want to indulge myself and share a few non-financial reflections from a... [Read More]
Columnist Chris Erskine of the Los Angeles Times has become a trusted friend in recent years, although we've never actually met. Reading his funny, family-themed... [Read More]
Shaina Pellington's gray expression matched the concrete hallway she stood in deep within Texas A&M's Reed Arena, just moments removed from Oklahoma's last stand. [Read More]