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Erick Erickson, a journalist and media personality known for his strident defense of conservative politics, says a period of suffering in his life led to... [Read More]
Browsers Bookshop among Sam Edwards' highlights after celebration of the well read word. [Read More]
Portage and Main has been closed to pedestrians for 40 years. It may seem like the debate over reopening the intersection has lasted longer. The... [Read More]
What might have caught many by surprise were the immediate reflections by African-American scholars on the role that the retail giant — and its catalogue... [Read More]
"Reflections of Carroll's Past" shows a little bit of what life used to be like in Carroll County. [Read More]
A sense of mortality permeates Neneh Cherry's new album, Broken Politics. "It seems sick to me now/It's funny ... [Read More]
COMMENTARY: The only bridge worth building for people who are confused about their sexual identity has Christ as its architect. [Read More]
As a result of a faculty learning community (sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences) that explored the opportunities and challenges of teaching large-enrollment... [Read More]
Are you allowing God to make you a beautiful, plump grape? Do you know what He does with such fruit?Oswald Chambers wrote in his devotional... [Read More]
Last week I stayed at Ghost Ranch, in Abiquiu, New Mexico, where artist Georgia O'Keeffe had a home and studio. Staff had posted signs around... [Read More]
Halloween is once again lurking around the corner. And if the fall foliage in western Pennsylvania fails abysmally to signify the autumn season this year,... [Read More]
The Mattoon Arts Council is seeking entries for its 2019 quilt show, "Reflections of Nature," Jan. 26-27 at the Mattoon train depot. [Read More]
The Optimizing Assessment for All project at the Center for Universal Education hosted its second regional workshop in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on assessing 21st century skills. [Read More]
Relishing the beauties of the old Baroque city, from dumplings to an astronomical clock. [Read More]
What to do, if anything, about the boys and young men who offer to wash windshields at busy intersections? On the show today: Wrapping up... [Read More]
There was a time when Mission Sunday had an air of triumphalism: we are, after all, the largest Christian Church in the world, and we... [Read More]
The National Senior Games will be held in December in Clearwater this year, and a program entitled "Join the Senior Games Movement: Reflections from an... [Read More]
'Brief Answers to the Big Questions' is a selection of Hawking's most profound reflections from his personal archive. [Read More]
To quote Shug Avery from The Color Purple, "I'se married now!" [Read More]
A lot has changed for international student Astrella Sjarfi of Jakarta, Indonesia, and football player Tim Tague of Orinda, Calif., since they each shot a second... [Read More]