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"He's a guy with a website." [Read More]
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Republicans and Democrats together - should get together and gift Trump a pair of super duper photogenic scotties - one white and one black for... [Read More]
California Assembly Republicans voted Monday, August 21, on whether to oust Chad Mayes as caucus leader. That vote failed, but another is scheduled for next... [Read More]
California Assembly Republican leader Chad Mayes has survived for now a challenge to his leadership over his support for extending the state's signature climate change-fighting... [Read More]
Democrat Joe Donnelly kicked off the second day of his re-election bid to the U.S. Senate proclaiming that the nation is stronger when everyone all... [Read More]
Republicans, including some in the White House, worry that the president could do more harm than good by encouraging a primary challenge against Flake, potentially... [Read More]
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Republicans strongly back $3B tax incentive package. [Read More]
The Henry County Republicans are hosting a Trivia Night on Aug. 25 at the Kewanee Elks Lodge, 113 N. Tremont St., Kewanee. [Read More]
When GOP Sen. John McCain was asked last month about his stand on the Republicans' controversial health care reform plan, he said that he'd do... [Read More]
De Blasio noted historical opposition to congestion pricing among state Senate Republicans. [Read More]
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