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Most of the times you hear about AI it's in context related to virtual assistants, or maybe even the virtual driver piloting a self-driving car,... [Read More]
He can sense and respond to touch, look you in the eyes and exhibit real emotions. But this patent-pending simulated patient, developed by a team... [Read More]
What if the power to fight cancer more effectively was within you? Researchers are trying to harness that superpower, by studying how a patient's own... [Read More]

Some kinds of lung cancer tumors really like sugar, and blocking that sweet tooth might offer a way to treat the disease, researchers reported Friday.

... [Read More]
May 30, 2017... [Read More]
Researchers have discovered that one specific type of cancer is "remarkably more dependent" on sugar for its energy supply, as compared with other cancers. [Read More]
Docked right next to the Great Lakes Aquarium sits the Blue Heron in all her glory. Of all the tools at the disposal of researchers... [Read More]
UGA researchers will run down their latest work in sustainable agriculture practices at UGA's J. Phil Campbell Sr. Research and Education Center. The day will... [Read More]
It's no surprise that a change in our planet's climate would affect our coastlines, our weather patterns and our food supply. But here's something you... [Read More]
There is big news in the self-driving car craze. Researchers at Mcity are making pretty amazing progress. [Read More]
Male gum-leaf skeletoniser moths with larger antennae are better at detecting smaller amounts of sex pheromones from females, Australian researchers have found. [Read More]
Dogs, cats, and even birds have all been specially trained as therapy animals. Now researchers have established a formal center to study the benefits of... [Read More]
Results from a small clinical trial suggest that the anti-parasitic drug suramin can diminish autism spectrum disorder symptoms, but more... [Read More]
The State Archives of North Carolina is packed with pictures documenting the past. Researchers spend their days poring over them, looking for clues about what... [Read More]
Several chemistry and biochemistry undergraduate researchers presented posters at the event - three were awarded the prestigious Science Dean's Prize. As part of the UCLA Research... [Read More]
The Organization for Cultural Diversity in Science (OCDS) hosted students from El Camino College, Los Angeles City College, and Pasadena City College. The Spring Science and Engineering... [Read More]
Researchers at Queen Mary University in London have found significant evidence that particulate matter from diesel pollution can cause heart damage. [Read More]
University of Washington researchers say only in the northern regions of Canada and parts of Alaska can wolves move across large landscapes.        ... [Read More]
In an extremely unlikely sequence of events a camera on a NASA craft fitted with three cameras was hit by a meteoroid while compiling an... [Read More]
The cells, known as astrocytes, act like mini Hoovers in the brain, sweeping up cells as the brain's connections become weak and break apart, according... [Read More]