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Causes are becoming clearer, but prevention is a more difficult challenge. [Read More]
The lab, officially the Forensic Anthropology Research Facility (FARF), is used by students, researchers and law enforcement worldwide... [Read More]
To paraphrase the journalistic aphorism: Bird eats insect is not news; insect eats bird is. And that news has been confirmed by Martin Nyffeler of... [Read More]
Tens of thousands of Americans are shot every year. Who tracks the carnage? Gun Violence Archive, a website based in Lexington, fills a real-time information... [Read More]
Area researchers are raising questions about data on seagrass and water quality that a consultant is using to draft a plan to improve water quality... [Read More]
Researchers have found that past movement in the region could have contributed to the 7.7 magnitude St. Elias earthquake in 1979. [Read More]
Researchers in the UK use enhanced 'N-Gram Tracing' to solve a longstanding mystery over a letter written during the Civil War... [Read More]
Armed with gallon Ziploc bags and a pick axe, state mineral researchers are sampling North Dakota coal to make a model for finding rare earth... [Read More]
Researchers at IBM conduct a "table-top" experiment that simulates the actions of electrons near a black hole's event horizon, using string theory to predict the... [Read More]
passing down tameness and other traits over generations... [Read More]
"Cows have shown an 'insane' and 'mind-blowing' ability to tackle HIV which will help develop a vaccine, say US researchers," BBC News reports. The report... [Read More]
While researchers haven't yet found a way to prevent or cure dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, they're making progress on how to catch it early. The... [Read More]
Creative by nature, researchers were given the opportunity to communicate their work in a different way: as art. [Read More]
Minnesota researchers have made progress in fish cryopreservation.  ... [Read More]
July 23, 2017, 9:21 AM| Scorpions can be deadly, but they can also help save lives. Researchers have discovered that molecules derived from the scorpion's... [Read More]
Researchers at the University of Minnesota have made a breakthrough in the cryopreservation of fish, which could help preserve species and repopulate the ocean. [Read More]
I developed a software program during my PhD. I've long since graduated, but it has users and I maintain it because it's my baby. But... [Read More]
The search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 did not turn up a plane, but it did uncover a detailed view of the ocean floor —... [Read More]
When you cruise down a smooth road, you may attribute it to work done by the Department of Transportation. But don't overlook the scientists at... [Read More]
KITV is the leading source of local news, sports, weather, breaking news, traffic and entertainment for all the Hawaii counties including Honolulu, Maui, Kauai and... [Read More]