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Researchers will examine how minimum unit pricing has affected drinkers since it came into force last year. [Read More]
At a family reunion in 1999, Eugene Manuel's relatives assigned him the job of researching the family tree to determine their ancestral roots.Manuel took up... [Read More]
On Sunday, more than 200 people paid their respects at a ceremony to mark the "death" of the glacier in the Swiss Alps. Researchers say... [Read More]
Researchers have developed a way to speed up super-resolution microscopes so they can record data at a microscopic scale in real-time. [Read More]
Researchers say they've stumbled upon a peculiar cause of liver disease: a kind of bacteria that produces alcohol inside our gut. [Read More]
Apple's FaceID authentication system started moving smartphone users away from relying on fingerprints to secure their mobile devices, which are arguably less secure. But researchers... [Read More]
Some of the most serendipitous discoveries about nature can be prompted by just about anything, like finding the first known venomous frog by accidentally grabbing... [Read More]
Current brain-machine interfaces require the use of a large, bulky system. Now, researchers have found a way to miniaturize the technology and make it more... [Read More]
If greenhouse gas emissions don't soon start falling there will be 'hell to pay', researchers warn. [Read More]
Researchers from Purdue University have developed a new method for designing lithium-ion batteries which could make them last longer and charge faster. [Read More]
With help from a neural network, researchers reconstructed an image the artist created and painted over during his Blue Period. [Read More]
UC Irvine announced this week that researchers have developed a more efficient technique for tracking fires. The team of scientists devised an algorithm to forecast... [Read More]
Researchers have found that walking may be a key clinical tool in helping doctors accurately identify the specific type of dementia a patient has. ... [Read More]
The Milky Way galaxy has billions of planets that could potentially host life. Yet despite scientists' efforts to monitor for and occasionally signal to extraterrestrials,... [Read More]
Companies that announce better-than-expected levels of gender diversity see their stocks perform better, according to a new study published by the Stanford Graduate School of... [Read More]
Ana Maria Porras, 31, a Cornell University biomedical engineer, has found the perfect hook to get kids interested in science – a crochet hook. She... [Read More]
Former researchers for a "food computer" initiative at the lab say the project's leader misled outsiders about how it was going. [Read More]
Hop researchers are seeking grower input to identify priorities. [Read More]
Homosexuality in Gir lions and lionesses has been noted by forest officials, wildlife conservators, and researchers in 1973, 1999, 2016, and most rece... [Read More]