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A senior Treasury Department employee was charged with leaking confidential bank records pertaining to suspicious transactions involving Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and the Russian Embassy.

... [Read More]
A Treasury Department official was charged with leaking sensitive bank data to a reporter related to a series of high-profile government defendants,.        ... [Read More]
Police arrested a senior Treasury Department employee on allegations she leaked financial documents related to Paul Manafort and Rick Gates. [Read More]
According to a criminal complaint, the illegally disclosed Suspicious Activity Reports pertained to Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Russian Embassy and Mariia Butina... [Read More]
A federal judge granted Gates' request, allowing him to be relieved of a bracelet that tracks his movements as he awaits sentencing and continues to... [Read More]
A federal judge agreed Monday to free former Trump campaign aide Rick Gates from GPS monitoring and a nightly curfew. [Read More]
Former Trump campaign advisor Rick Gates stiffed his former lawyer on nearly $370,000 in legal bills he incurred mounting a defense against the criminal charges... [Read More]
Rachel Maddow reports on bad news for the former leaders of the Donald Trump campaign. Rick Gates is being sued by his former lawyers for... [Read More]
Rick Gates continues "to this day" to help special counsel's Robert Mueller office in its investigation into Russians, the Trump campaign and the 2016 election,... [Read More]
Calling himself "a model cooperating witness," former Trump campaign aide Rick Gates made a push Thursday to await sentencing without GPS monitoring. [Read More]
Rick Gates, former deputy chairman of the Trump Campaign was allegedly in contact with an Israeli intelligence firm about a social-media disinformation campaign. [Read More]
Former US attorney Joyce Vance, The Atlantic's Todd Purdum, WaPo's Aaron Blake and former Obama advisor Ben Rhodes on the New York Times detailing Trump... [Read More]
The New York Times is reporting that Former Trump Campaign Advisor Rick Gates, "requested proposals in 2016 from an Israeli company to create fake online... [Read More]
Former Trump campaign official Rick Gates requested proposals from an Israeli intelligence firm to manipulate social media with fake accounts in order to help secure... [Read More]
Cybersecurity expert Malcolm Nance appeared on MSNBC' "Hardball" on Tuesday to dissect the new report that former Donald Trump deputy campaign manager Rick Gates sought... [Read More]
The New York Times reports that Rick Gates, deputy chairman of the Trump campaign, asked an Israeli company for proposals on how to use social... [Read More]
Emails unsealed by a judge Tuesday provide context as to why Rick Gates, a former Trump campaign aide, changed lawyers amid special counsel Robert Mueller's... [Read More]
Newly unsealed emails are shedding more light on behind-the-scenes discussions that led lawyers for former Trump campaign aide Rick Gates to withdraw from his case.... [Read More]
Rick Gates, a former Trump campaign official who has been cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller's probe, was contacted by... [Read More]