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Lawyers say the death of Fox News founder Roger Ailes won't slow down lawsuits by former employees who say they faced a hostile workplace. The... [Read More]
MSNBC host Rachel Maddow was once offered a job by late Fox News chief Roger Ailes – to stay at home and not go anywhere... [Read More]
Roger Ailes was so eager to get Rachel Maddow off the air that he allegedly would have paid her to stay home. [Read More]
Memory and foresight, how America has changed Looking back, I see changes in civil rights, albeit incomplete, for women, African Americans and LGBTQ members... [Read More]
According to author, critic, and former Fox News Watch panelist Neal Gabler, there's not much of a mystery about who killed "the idea of media... [Read More]
For years I boasted about graduating from the same university as Fox News chief Roger Ailes.My boast became somewhat muted after Ailes was forced... [Read More]
Re: "The house that Roger Ailes built is sliding" (Opinion, May 20). [Read More]
Roger Ailes created the largest and most efficient marketing machine the political world has ever seen. [Read More]
The National ENQUIRER has revealed that the Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly sex scandals were only the tip of the icky FOX News iceberg! [Read More]
Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly's hotly anticipated new show on NBC debuted its first promo this week.The 30-second ad for "Sunday Night with Megyn... [Read More]
Rachel Maddow has gotten some flack since Roger Ailes' death for saying that the late founder of Fox News was something of a "friend." ... [Read More]
MSNBC's Rachel Maddow said Friday that deceased Fox News head Roger Ailes once offered to hire her "so no one else could put her on.""He... [Read More]
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Roger Ailes was no genius, not in the league of Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein. The founding chairman of Fox News Channel, who died last... [Read More]
I cannot understand why someone would apply the adjective "monumental" to Roger Ailes. ("Ailes leaves monumental media legacy," May 19) "Monumental" implies something wonderful and... [Read More]
Dumping employees accused of sexual harassment and racist comments, backing down from a right-wing conspiracy theory, and siding with a mainstream media reporter over a Republican... [Read More]
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