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Yesterday, Disney announced that it was shuffling its release schedule to move Star Wars: Episode IX — the last film in the main "sequel trilogy"... [Read More]
The visual effects coming out of Industrial Light and Magic have always been cutting edge. With Rogue One, the award-winning team had to find a... [Read More]
The Last Jedi," as the eighth numbered-entry in the "Star Wars" saga, picks up where "The Force Awakens" left off after the franchise took a... [Read More]
The Inferno Squad novel announced earlier this year has a major connection to Battlefront 2. [Read More]
While we got the first trailer for Battlefront II today at Star Wars Celebration, EA Games dropped another bit of news: Christie Golden's previously announced... [Read More]
Dave Filoni reveals that we'll see "General Syndulla" get her well deserved rise in status in Rebels' final season. [Read More]
Animated series will lead up to the events of 'Rogue One.'        ... [Read More]
Here's some unfortunate news for anyone who had a bad feeling about the fate of Star Wars: Rebels: The show's cast and crew confirmed today... [Read More]
"Enjoy one of the most beautiful Star Wars films to date—that feels like the world's biggest budget fan film." [Read More]
Fans are split between the desire for a grittier war epic like "Rogue One" or the lighthearted fan-pleaser "The Force Awakens." [Read More]
"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," the second film Disney has released in the 40-year-old sci-fi franchise, easily took the top spot on the national... [Read More]
THE Star Wars franchise loves a good Easter Egg and Rogue One is no exception. [Read More]
"Meet an all-new gang of rebels you shouldn't get too attached to," Honest Trailers reminds us in its latest parody video. [Read More]
'The most money anyone has every spent to fill in a plot hole'... [Read More]
'Suicide Squad: An Unnecessary Star Wars Story.'... [Read More]
"Rogue One" makes for a strong addition to any "Star Wars" fan's Blu-ray collection. [Read More]
Well hello, Star Wars Battlefront 2. With only a matter of days until Star Wars Celebration, it looks like someone's been careless with that USB... [Read More]
"Rogue One" will screen at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Carl Sandburg Auditorium. This is the latest of the Cinemas in Sandburg events put on... [Read More]
Watch the Rogue One Honest Trailer, which reveals the rebellious rebel suicide squad at the center of the most expensive fan film ever made. [Read More]
Rogue One just became the latest Star Wars film to get the hilarious honest trailer treatment by the team over at Screen Junkies. [Read More]