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With Trump parties and souvenirs, and dark tales of Obama conspiracies, Russia readies to welcome Putin's buddy in the White House. [Read More]
The Jan. 14 news reports were filled with accounts of threats from Russia. They stem from the Russian takeover of Crimea, aggression in Ukraine, influence in the Middle East, to cyber-attacks in our... [Read More]
Russia holds annual news conference on Russian diplomacy in 2016. [Read More]
As we count down to the inauguration of the next American president, the word - but more the idea - of Russia has dominated the news headlines. And, as the song put it... [Read More]
President-elect Donald Trump has an unusual albeit very significant ally in his ongoing battle over the dumped dossier noting his alleged ties to Russia — veteran journalist Bob Woodward. [Read More]
     ... [Read More]
U.S. Rep. Will Hurd has seen it all from South Texas and his congressional office in Washington D.C. From cyberattacks, calling out the intelligence community and questions about Russia's involvement in the presidential... [Read More]
Congressman believes Russia was involved in presidential election... [Read More]
Russia Ready to Talk With Trump on Nuclear Arms, Syria | Russian FM sees Trump as big difference from Obama... [Read More]
Europe must pull together or risk being sidelined as Donald Trump signals the end of a postwar transatlantic partnership credited with keeping the peace for the past 70 years, analysts and officials say.Fears... [Read More]
Two days before he takes office, Donald Trump got a very public defense from Russia's Vladimir Putin. MSNBC's Brian Williams talks to Ken Dilanian, Katy Tur, & Shawn Henry. [Read More]
A propagandist train, a rising wall and the ghosts of the late 1990s conflict: Serbia and Kosovo are engaged in a disturbing war of symbols and words, unprecedented in recent years."Kosovo is Serbia"... [Read More]
Read more about Barack Obama commutes WikiLeaks source Chelsea Manning's sentence on Business Standard. White House ruled out the commutation to Edward Snowden, currently on a political asylum in Russia... [Read More]
It's clear Putin's Puppet already blew up Democracy with help from Russia, so what's next? Will it be the Middle East, NATO, Eastern Europe, Healthcare, Mexico, China, the U.S. Economy, any U.S. Embassy,... [Read More]
Dmitri Lovetsky/AP Photo At George W. Bush's first meeting with Vladimir Putin at the elegant Brdo Castle in Slovenia in June 2001, the US president broke the ice with a nice touch. ... [Read More]
A machine guns rattles as pale and exhausted teams of Estonian weekend warriors struggle to climb a final obstacle: the wall of Narva Castle facing their country's powerful neighbour Russia.The bullets fired on... [Read More]
Partypoker has announced the first location for the new MILLIONS National global tour and it's the first visit to Sochi, Russia. [Read More]
not come before Congressman Lewis. But there is no doubt that when he came out and said that Trump was not a legitimate president, that is when we starte... [Read More]
Europe's human rights court has ordered Moscow on Tuesday to pay damages to the U.S. families whose adoptions it abruptly blocked. [Read More]
Journalist Glenn Greenwald said he does not believe President Barack Obama's decision to commute Chelsea Manning's prison sentence would affect the fate of former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, who has been... [Read More]