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The Miami hotspot tells AD that it's in negotiations with the FX series (plus, an in-depth history of it's relationship with the fashion designer) [Read More]
Professional athletes don't get to the top by accident. It takes superhuman levels of time, dedication, and focus—and that includes paying attention to what they... [Read More]
Ryan Murphy has already discussed casting, premiere dates, timeline and more for season two of his hit TV show, Feud. The next season is about... [Read More]
Lisa Rinna cried over it. Andy Cohen teased us about it. Ryan Murphy, of all people, predicted it. And now, at long last, our national... [Read More]
In Gramercy Park in Manhattan, a house full of Oscar and Emmy winners, including Robert De Niro, Jessica Lange, Julianne Moore and Ryan Murphy. [Read More]
Screenwriter Ryan Murphy, producer of the FX series American Crime Story, will bring the Monica Lewinsky-Bill Clinton White House saga to TV. [Read More]
Showrunners Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are setting their sights on the sex scandal involving President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky fo... [Read More]
From left, sales manager Charles House, salesman Ryan Murphy, Ryan Barstow, John Barstow, PHS director Alysia Maynard, PHS volunteers Bonnie Peryer and Jessica Slapar and... [Read More]
Stanley Tucci is a man who values a good costume. This isn't surprising given his oeuvre: He's donned couture in The Devil Wears Prada and... [Read More]
On Sunday's episode, "Hagsploitation," Ryan Murphy investigated the scandalous rumor that dogged Crawford throughout her movie career. [Read More]
Ricky Martin is the latest addition to the cast of "American Crime Story" Season 3. According to TV Line, the singer will play the role... [Read More]
The 'Scream Queens' star is signing on to another Ryan Murphy production! [Read More]
How much do you like truly iconic news? I'm talking, iconic. Huge. Like Ricky Martin big, because this news is about Ricky Martin and American... [Read More]
Billie Lourd has signed on to another Ryan Murphy production! [Read More]
Ricky Martin is joining the Ryan Murphy family! [Read More]
Ricky Martin has just been cast in the third season of Ryan Murphy's "American Horror Story" anthology series, which will focus on the assassination of... [Read More]
Ricky Martin is getting fitted for a pivotal role in FX's Versace-themed American Crime Story edition. The singer and occasional actor has signed on to... [Read More]
Season 2 hasn't even come out, but American Crime Story Season 3 has filled in a crucial role in its growing cast. Here's the pop... [Read More]
Sarandon currently plays Bette Davis in "Feud," Ryan Murphy's docu-drama about the famous 1960s rivalry between Davis and Joan Crawford (Jessica Lange). [Read More]