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A Unified Police officer shot a man acting "erratically" in the parking lot of a Midvale McDonald's early Wednesday morning. The man was transported to... [Read More]
Family of the Utah firefighter who died on Monday while battling the Ranch fire will escort his body from Ukiah to the Sonoma... [Read More]
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Salt Lake City is seeking your help with obtaining identifying information regarding an unknown male who may have... [Read More]
Salt Lake City, Utah has the youngest business founders, and Louisville, Kentucky has the highest percentage of millennial founders in the U.S., according to a... [Read More]
We all know what an outdoor paradise Spokane is, but word is getting out as the Lilac City was just named the #1 "Most Affordable... [Read More]
The Salt Lake Tribune) Tracy Aviary has a variety of new birds, including three new baby Chilean Flamingos. The trio, ranging in age... [Read More]
A six-year-old girl from Salt Lake City, Utah, took full advantage of being allowed to order a Barbie doll from Amazon for her birthday, and... [Read More]
A young girl went a bit overboard with her online shopping.Six-year-old Katelyn Lunt was recently allowed to order a Barbie doll on Amazon. Her mother,... [Read More]
A Utah girl took advantage of "one-click" ordering on Amazon and bought $300 worth of toys without her parents knowing, and a viral photo captured the... [Read More]
SALT LAKE CITY, UT -- ProLung, Inc. ("ProLung" or the "Company") today released a communication urging stockholders not to respond to the consent... [Read More]
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah(News4Utah) As school is now back in session for many across the state of Utah, it's important to be more aware when... [Read More]
Fourteen teachers from Salt Lake Valley high schools are participating in the 2018 My Heart Challenge: Teacher's Edition, and they will work to achieve a... [Read More]
Maxx Properties announced that it has completed the acquisition of Cobble Creek Apartments, a 361-unit apartment community located in Salt Lake City... [Read More]
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah(News4Utah) All day on News4Utah, we're discussing Utah's state of education. Today, on GMU, we talked about rural schools and some of... [Read More]
A fired Bountiful bank manager who stole $565,000 got a 27-month prison sentence after damaging his case by submitting a forged letter of praise from... [Read More]
The Light at the End of the Tunnel SALT LAKE CITY, UT -- Investview Corporation (OTCQB: INVU) released its quarterly financial report for... [Read More]
In her new memoir about her time at the White House, former presidential adviser Omarosa Manigault Newman is accusing President Donald Trump of using the... [Read More]
In August 2017, a major law enforcement initiative known as "Operation Rio Grande" was launched in Salt Lake City, aimed at curbing a concentration of... [Read More]
Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski isn't ruling out filing a lawsuit over the new international trading hub on more than 10,000 acres in the... [Read More]
Facing summer wildfires and winter inversions for the foreseeable future, the Utah State Legislature and Salt Lake City Council promote a so-called inland port that... [Read More]