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As "Medicare for all" gains in popularity, Sen. Bernie Sanders explains why the average family would be better off financially under such a system. [Read More]
Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are taking different paths to win new fans ahead of 2020. The outcome will say much about the Democrats'... [Read More]
Will the real moderate party please stand up? On the same day that socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) introduced his "Medicare for All" healthcare... [Read More]
Dan Cummings and Jennifer Sanders have all your morning news in Central NY. [Read More]
The following editorial appeared in The Mercury News on Tuesday, Sept. 19:... [Read More]
in this column at The New York Times. It is written in the aftermath of the tweets by Jemele Hill of ESPN... [Read More]
Hillary Clinton is angry. She's angry at the media. She's angry at Donald Trump. She's angry at Bernie Sanders. New York magazine's Rebecca Traister is... [Read More]
Even Bernie Sanders must wonder whether the United States is ready for a universal, single-payer health-care program. Nevertheless, the independent Vermont senator proposed such a... [Read More]
Jeff Merkley hopes to inherit Bernie Sanders' progressive mantle in 2020. But for now, he's spending his time plotting the resistance against the Trump presidency. [Read More]
Bernie Sanders is coming to Westminster College on Thursday to wrap up the school's Hancock Symposium. [Read More]
and always has. His current Medicare for All plan is a perfect example of this. If that is at odds with the Democratic establishment, so... [Read More]
President Trump is now focusing on tax reform. For those of you who are not familiar with the federal tax codes, you can visit a... [Read More]
I was so glad to read that commercial fishermen are protesting the development planned for the Portland waterfront. Not only are fishermen and marine-related businesses... [Read More]
Sarah Huckabee Sanders had a busy week, promoting the firing of a popular cable teevee host and suggesting that authorities should "look into" the conduct... [Read More]
It will share the same flaws of "Medicare for all"-style systems around the world. [Read More]
James R. Sanders, 41, and Ryan Young, 22, were discovered missing during the routine count . [Read More]
Even Bernie Sanders must wonder whether the United States is ready for a universal, single-payer health care program. Nevertheless, the independent Vermont senator proposed such... [Read More]
Why didn't Hillary Clinton win the key states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania in the 2016 election? In the second part of their conversation, Clinton,... [Read More]
The Orioles lose to the Red Sox, 10-8. (Denise Sanders, Baltimore Sun video) [Read More]
Perhaps Hillary Clinton is publicly going through the five stages of grief, not necessarily in order. We've seen the anger and denial in the blame... [Read More]