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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin appeared to challenge Sen. Lisa Murkowski to a primary race in 2022 following her no vote on Supreme Court Justice... [Read More]
Sarah Palin blasted social media giants after claiming Instagram removed her politically-tinged meme featuring her son last week. [Read More]
Former Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin raged against Instagram after the social media company removed a post in which she appeared to mock her... [Read More]
Palin posted the meme to her Instagram page on Tuesday, and the company removed it on Friday for violating 'community guidelines' after intense outcry over... [Read More]
'CENSORSHIP is to sharing opinions as LYNCHING is to justice!'... [Read More]
Sarah Palin is being slammed for being 'demeaning' to people with Down syndrome after sharing shots of her own son Trig hysterically crying in a... [Read More]
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Wednesday that "nobody's going to beat" Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska despite her opposition to Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme... [Read More]
George W Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump… Nikki Haley? President Nikki Haley. Try that on for size. How does it feel? Could this forthright, articulate,... [Read More]
Some people are calling out former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin for an Instagram meme they believe demeans people with Down syndrome. [Read More]
Hannity: "Maybe Governor Palin could make a political comeback. I think the people there would like that a lot" [Read More]
The former CBS News anchor commemorates the 10th anniversary of her interview with Sarah Palin with a Trump analogy... [Read More]
The Palin family is back on reality television — again.Although the Palins say they dislike media elites, they have a long history with TV shows.After... [Read More]
Sarah Palin excoriated Sacha Baron Cohen for disrespecting the military after the comedian posed as a disabled veteran to interview the former Alaska ... [Read More]
8:05 Caring for a loved one with a disability 14:24 Sarah Palin's lost opportunity on disability rights 20:42 Critiquing the Democrats on disability policy 28:32... [Read More]
Her 2008 vice-presidential run—built on divisive, personality-driven populism—was a harbinger of things to come. [Read More]
America may see an interesting female showdown as a spin-off of the Brett Kavanaugh saga. Susan Rice and Sarah Palin hinted they may run against... [Read More]
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin suggested she'd challenge Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) after Murkowski voted "no" during a cloture vote on Supreme Court nominee Brett... [Read More]
She may now face a primary challenge from former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. [Read More]
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin tweeted to her 1.49 million followers Friday afternoon suggesting Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski will have competition in the ... [Read More]
Threats. [Read More]