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Workers from Seacoast Scaffold & Equipment Corp. remove equipment from the clock tower of the Androscoggin County Building in Auburn on Tuesday afternoon. After repairing... [Read More]
Over three summer months, Paul Armesto labored. Day after day, night after night, he stood on a scaffold, his head cocked backward at... [Read More]
Unless you've been stuck on a desert island, you probably know that New York state has a national reputation for its high taxes. [Read More]
How cells pack DNA into fully compact, rod-shaped chromosomes during mitosis has fascinated cell biologists for more than a century. Gibcus et al. delineated the... [Read More]
The experimental tissue-engineering technology is being developed by Bonus BioGroup of Haifa, Israel, using fat cells extracted from a patient used to grow bones on... [Read More]
Fourth and fifth grade students at Camden Intermediate School have been engaging in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math projects to discover the forces involved in... [Read More]
Scaffolding bill in jeopardy as sponsor Ben Kallos loses sway in New York City Council... [Read More]
Rep. John Faso's push from Washington to undo New York's 133-year-old Scaffold Law cleared its first hurdle on Tuesday, when a House committee approved his... [Read More]
WASHINGTON, D.C. [Read More]
THIS is the moment two men armed with a scaffolding pole smashed up a taxi with the terrified driver sat inside. [Read More]
Authorities say a scaffolding collapse at a San Diego building site has injured four construction workers, three of them seriously. [Read More]
An insane, New York-only law ties the hands even of do-gooders like Habitat for Humanity as they try to build affordable housing here. Kudos to... [Read More]
An intoxicated man got comfortably numb in custody, after scaling scaffolding during Roger Waters' concert in Dunedin. [Read More]
Today's Highlight in History:On Jan. 31, 1958, the United States entered the Space Age with its first successful launch of a satellite, Explorer 1, from... [Read More]
Unless you've been stuck on a remote desert island, you probably know that New York state has a national reputation for its high taxes. [Read More]
Cancer is the leading cause of childhood death by disease, and there are many different therapies available to patients. One of the most promising forms... [Read More]
A 1973 photo from the rear of the scaffold shows the Copper Peak ski flying hill north of Ironwood, Mich., four years after its construction.... [Read More]
Most nanoelectromechanical systems are formed by etching inorganic materials such as silicon. Kopperger et al. improved the precision of such machines by synthesizing a 25-nm-long... [Read More]
The paper ball-like graphene particles stack into a porous scaffold to suppress filament growth of lithium metal that degrades the battery. [Read More]
Firefighters with Dallas Fire-Rescue are working recover an electrocuted man suspended from scaffolding in Deep Ellum. [Read More]