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A bill being considered by Indiana lawmakers that addresses school bus safety would mean stiffer penalties for motorists who pass stopped school buses, more education... [Read More]
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Brittany Ingle, the mother of three kids who were killed while boarding a bus in Rochester last October, calls the Indiana House's decision to weaken... [Read More]
The MAX STRONG school bus safety bill that had a setback on the Indiana House floor Thursday was drafted after three children were killed at... [Read More]
In a written statement the grandfather of the victims criticized the house for choosing to dirty and greatly dilute a bill that was passed unanimously... [Read More]
The bill includes a number of safety changes, including curbside pickup and drop-off on highways, stop arm cameras with enforcement, and increased penalties for violators. [Read More]
Indiana legislators are expected to work on amendments to a school bus safety bill Tuesday. [Read More]
Q: I saw a close call with an SUV and a school bus on Central Avenue recently, and it really made me angry. ... [Read More]