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Data scientists and civil rights groups have been raising the alarm about bias in algorithms that determine everything from who goes to jail to how... [Read More]
Clippers SciFest SoCal drew thousands of students and parents to the L.A. Convention Center to engage with scientists and engineers. [Read More]
Washington University scientists are working to find a cure for prostate cancer.  Because of the promising results with the new immunotherapies and the combinations being... [Read More]
For East Noble's young scientists, these aren't bad results to get. [Read More]
SCIENTISTS believe they have made a massive leap forward in helping boys with cancer stay fertile after a remarkable experiment performed on a monkey. [Read More]
The US charges that SPND oversees nuclear-relevant research for Iran and is active in the training of new scientists. [Read More]
The Cal Fire Director says while the State of Emergency Proclamation's verbiage suspends environmental regulations, Cal Fire will be consulting a range of environmental scientists... [Read More]
Scientists have introduced a new supercomputer that can much more than a million billion estimates every 2nd as well as is actually the absolute most... [Read More]
Scientists identified the remains of a 21-year-old sailor who died more than seven decades ago during the Japanese attack on Pearl... [Read More]
In the last two years, scientists, politicians, and professionals have increasingly been willing to touch the taboo subject of UFOs and perhaps lend a little... [Read More]
What happens when you drop a dead alligator in the darkest depths of the Gulf of Mexico? It's not a question that has plagued many... [Read More]
The thing about fossils is the older they are, the rarer they are. Earth doesn't keep anything around forever, and the farther you go back... [Read More]
Scientists identified the remains of a 21-year-old sailor who died more than seven decades ago during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. [Read More]
Scientists gathered this week in Paris for the METI International meeting to discuss why, despite decades of searching, we've yet to make contact with an... [Read More]
The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists was founded in 1945 by bomb scientists who could not remain silent on the possible consequences of their work. [Read More]
This first Mars Helicopter will serve as a technology demonstrator that, if successful, will enable future scientists to remotely explore regions of the planet's surface... [Read More]
Just reading this article may have triggered a bout of yawning, but scientists are still trying to work out their role and whether empathy plays... [Read More]
Scientists are bringing STEM to Southern California! The first ever Clippers SciFest SoCal hopes to get more kids interested in studying science, technology, engineering and... [Read More]
Scientists and ethicists from around the world are warning of the consequences of failing to implement a temporary global halt on gene editing of human... [Read More]
Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have gotten heat to behave like sound: forming waves that go in a single direction and can interfere... [Read More]