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CEMRC Scientists are constantly monitoring WIPP, now three years after a radiological release interrupted operations until January. [Read More]
In a new study, scientists found strong statistical correlations between sitting and mortality. The men and women who sat for the most hours every day... [Read More]
The tea wine will supposedly help to prevent cardiovascular diseases, controls sugar, fights off cold, prevents dementia and some cancers. [Read More]
SUPER intelligent aliens could exist as artificial intelligence based in advanced technology that is not made of physical matter, according to scientists. [Read More]
By 2040, a hundred people will live on the Moon, melting ice for water, 3D-printing homes and tools, eating plants grown in lunar soil, and... [Read More]
A MYSTERIOUS pair of gigantic black holes have been discovered lurking at the heart of an active spiral galaxy dubbed NGC 7674, according to a... [Read More]
For the first time, a team of researchers has sequenced a tiny, exclusively asexual species of worm that originated around 18 million years ago. [Read More]
A modified poliovirus appears to trigger the body's anti-tumor immunity. The new study showed promising results in human breast cancer cells and mice. [Read More]
Dr. Berrettini is the Karl E. Rickels Professor of Psychiatry, at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. He earned his MD degree (1977)... [Read More]
Whether you're a night owl or a morning lark, your sleep habits are regulated by circadian rhythms... [Read More]
Find Meteorology for Scientists and Engineers Textbook at University of South Florida (usforacle), along with other Textbooks in Tampa, Florida. [Read More]
Sell Meteorology for Scientists and Engineers Textbook (ISBN# 0534372147) at University of South Florida and other usforacle textbooks published by Cengage and written by Roland... [Read More]
Just as prominent climate-change scientists are admitting their models predicting global warming were wrong, the city of San Francisco is suing five of the world's... [Read More]
The recovery of DNA from ancient skeletons has been happening over the last 15 years primarily in Europe, where the cool weather helps preserve old... [Read More]
Scientists around the world are working to develop the next generation of batteries. We speak with one who is leading the charge at Argonne National Laboratory. [Read More]
End times are upon us. The apocalypse is near. The rapture is about to begin. [Read More]
Speculation has been building over the last couple of weeks and online videos have contributed to a loose narrative of claims that a planet called Nibiru,... [Read More]
A study investigating how much methane is expelled by cows has earned scientists in Scotland a genetics prize. Seven years ago the researchers ushered Limousin... [Read More]
A UW-Extension program that lets Chippewa County fifth-graders get a taste of the great Wisconsin outdoors is celebrating its 50th year this summer. [Read More]
While NASA is hard at work getting a fancy probe to steal rocks from a nearby asteroid, researchers with their eyes on the rocky belt... [Read More]