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More than 3,600 people have written letters, emails and made phone calls to Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine in the month following the deadly mass shooting... [Read More]
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September 17 is Constitution Day and Peter Francis O'Rourke plans on celebrating it by gutting the document's Second Amendment, infringing on the right to bear... [Read More]
A Second Amendment bro thought he could trip up California Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris, but Harris shut him down like he was... [Read More]
It's also time to stand up for the Second Amendment... [Read More]
Eric J. Weaknecht says he'll use the opportunity to advocate for the protection of Second Amendment rights. [Read More]
Leaders of the National Rifle Association met over the weekend near the nation's capital. The board meeting was originally scheduled to be held in Alaska,... [Read More]
Gun safety legislation does not take away our Second Amendment rights but instead promotes responsible gun ownership.. Maine news, sports, politics, election results, and obituaries... [Read More]
How revealing that just six deaths from vaping prompted Donald Trump to move Wednesday against e-cigarettes, while at least 276 deaths in massacres since he... [Read More]
What is being targeted in the gun debate. [Read More]
As a resident of Fauquier County for the past 34 years, I strongly support candidates who care about agriculture, conservation, free speech, human life, low... [Read More]
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) discussed the contentious issue of gun control with George Stephanopoulos on ABC's "This Week" Sunday morning, acknowledging that something should be... [Read More]
DEAR EDITOR: I'm tired of so-called Hollywood elites always shouting for gun control. I wholly agree there isn't any place for citizens outside of law... [Read More]
A statement made in the recent democratic presidential debate, is still resonating with a number of East Texans, who are not pleased even at the... [Read More]
Republican Sen. Ted Cruz supported the push for stronger background check legislation after the recent string of deadly shootings over the summer, but warned that... [Read More]
Spaces gallery wades into the controversies over America's Second Amendment privileges in a provocative exhibition on gun rights, interpreted by six artists from Cleveland, Columbus... [Read More]
People from across the country came to the Denver metro area to discuss guns and mental health Saturday. A group called Guns for Everyone put... [Read More]
Charmed actress, abortion activist and hysterical Kavanaugh slanderer Alyssa is probably proud that she is the sole savior of bipartisan civility because she made a... [Read More]
Many gun rights supporters seem to take great pride in conducting Second Amendment audits. [Read More]
The first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution is called The Bill of Rights. My hunch is that Donald Trump doesn't even know this as... [Read More]