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The New Jersey Second Amendment Society writes: Democratic gubernatorial nominee Phil Murphy just released a plan to raise $1.3 billion a year in new taxes. According... [Read More]
Co and American Airlines Group Inc entered into a second amendment to credit and guaranty agreement... [Read More]
While declaring his U.S. Senate bid, Republican hopeful Matt Rosendale zeroed in on the Second Amendment record of his opponent Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont. "Tester... [Read More]
Concealed carry permits from W.Va., Wisconsin now mutually recognized- CHARLESTON — An agreement has... [Read More]
Two Washington-based officials of the Gun Owners of America will discuss the possible advent of complacency regarding Second Amendment issues during a public meeting hosted... [Read More]
A historic bookstore is offering "tax-free books" in response to Mississippi's upcoming Second Amendment tax-free weekend that alleviates taxes on guns. [Read More]
They called themselves Second Amendment advocates, but a judge called them fools. [Read More]
Congressman Chris Collins, R-NY 27th District, with offices in Geneseo and Lancaster in Western New York, introduced a bill in Congress that would preserve Second... [Read More]
on August 18, 2017, Tyson Foods, Inc, Bank of America, N.A. entered into a second amendment of an April 7, 2015 term loan agreement... [Read More]
Don't look the ACLU for help if you plan on exercise both your First and Second Amendment rights. [Read More]
Armed paramilitary groups seen in Charlottesville are outlawed in every state, writes gun policy expert Robert J. Spitzer of SUNY Cortland. [Read More]
A Florida man defended himself with his AK-47 when three men tried to break into his vehicle where a 9mm pistol was stored. Bad move. [Read More]
"Rallies with guns cannot be treated, for First Amendment purposes, in the same fashion as rallies with no guns." – Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph Stern in The... [Read More]
A Second Amendment activist took his gun to the Milwaukee County Zoo, where he was stopped by sheriff's deputies. [Read More]
The Midway Trap and Skeet Club in East Falmouth, Massachusetts has been continuously operating since 1959, providing residents of Cape Cod with a place to exercise... [Read More]
A Michigan judge told a couple he knows he's violating constitutional rights, but he'll remove their grand-son from their home if they don't give up... [Read More]
Piers Morgan has since doubled down on his comments. [Read More]
US Olympic Gold Medal shooter Kim Rhode is wading into the gun control debate and defended the Second Amendment ahead of her competition in Brazil. [Read More]
The armed encampment formerly known as the idyllic college town of Charlottesville showed the world what... [Read More]
Mississippi exempts guns from taxes Aug. 25-27 in the name of the Second Amendment. Square Books of Oxford is firing back with tax holiday for... [Read More]