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Make no mistake. Montgomery County's three superintendents are pleased the Indiana State Senate narrowly voted down Senate Bill 179 one week ago that would have... [Read More]
The Faculty Senate Executive committee stands in support of the message issued by President Bounds and the four Chancellors on the Immigration ban. As an... [Read More]
The Oklahoma House of Representatives has approved legislation to bring most Oklahoma driver's licenses and other IDs into compliance with the federal REAL-ID mandates. We urge... [Read More]
Senate Bill 211, authored by Sen. Stephanie Bice, R-Oklahoma City, would allow counties to vote on whether liquor stores can open between noon and midnight... [Read More]
Senate Bill 206 would get rid of daylight saving time... [Read More]
The Maryland Senate is set to vote on the state's lottery director, more than 21 months after Gov. Larry Hogan appointed him. The Senate is... [Read More]
The Record-Journal is a local print and digital daily newspaper covering local news, sports and community news in the Central Connecticut area... [Read More]
Newly elected Democratic national chairman Tom Perez pledged on Sunday to unite a fractured party, rebuild at all levels from "school board to the Senate"... [Read More]
Critics of Senate Bill 1142 are concerned about how it might affect peaceful protests. [Read More]
Town halls centered around rowdy crowds disrupting Republican members of Congress grabbed headlines recently, but certain Senate Democrats facing tough reelection races next year... [Read More]
Although President Trump has been in office for more than 30 days now, many of his Cabinet nominees are still waiting for a simple up-or-down... [Read More]
The U.S. Senate declared March 29 as 'Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day' in 2011 and groups around the country have been holding ceremonies since. A... [Read More]
The two-year legislative session in Harrisburg opened last week. Neither the House nor the Senate has gotten down to much serious business yet. When they... [Read More]
Voters' ballots would show whether candidates for Superior or District court judges are Republicans or Democrats under a bill advancing through the General Assembly.House Bill... [Read More]
Republicans practice hypocrisy in Senate. [Read More]
The state Senate bill would ensure that Pittsburgh's currently suspended 2015 ordinance mandating paid sick leave will never take effect. [Read More]
Our elected representatives are not representing everyone. The division between Democrats and Republicans is hurting our system of government. When someone is elected to the... [Read More]
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tried to justify silencing Elizabeth Warren as she read the words of Coretta Scott King in the Senate chamber earlier... [Read More]
Defends Rosenberg after columnist's attackI read with dismay Natalie Munoz's vitriolic and somewhat sanctimonious attack on Senate President Stanley Rosenberg in the Feb. 14 Gazette... [Read More]