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Republicans are touting lower premiums under their health care legislation, but that reflects insurance that would cover a smaller share of the cost of medical... [Read More]
As President Trump courted Republicans, they remained wary and unable to reconcile core policy differences. [Read More]
Now that one can wade through the disinformation, the lack of "there" in the retracted Tom Frank story at CNN came from at least some... [Read More]
By a more than three-to-one margin, voters disapprove of the Senate Republican plan to overhaul healthcare and end the Affordable Care Act, a new survey... [Read More]
A big problem with the health bill currently before the Senate is that very few low-income people would purchase any plan, according to the Congressional... [Read More]
Senate Republicans are adding $45 billion to their ObamaCare replacement bill to fight opioid abuse, according to sources familiar with the discussions.The move was widely... [Read More]
A Republican-led Senate committee is considering an aviation bill that omits one of President Donald Trump's goals... [Read More]
Campaign Action Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has a new problem in trying to come up with a Trumpcare revision by Friday. There's opposition... [Read More]
The prospect of Republicans having to work with Democrats on fixing Obamacare is increasing. [Read More]
Republican Gov. Chris Sununu (N.H.) is rejecting the Senate GOP's healthcare bill, saying the measure's cuts to Medicaid will have "drastic" consequences for his constituents."I expressed... [Read More]
Maine's Republican Gov. Paul LePage says a government shutdown is "necessary for the future of Maine." House Republicans are reviewing a two-year, $7.1 billion budget... [Read More]
The centrist Republican from Maine raised the possibility that legislation she introduced with Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La., might be considered... [Read More]
Kathryn Steinle was shot and killed in July of 2015. Her father testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on July 21, 2015 about her death,... [Read More]
The committee's leaders say they will get a chance to see the the former FBI director's memos on his conversations with President Trump. [Read More]
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) warned his fellow Republicans that he might reach out for Democratic votes if they can't pass the health care... [Read More]
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is working to win over Republican holdouts on his health-care bill after facing a revolt from conservatives and moderates who... [Read More]
The Senate Intelligence Committee's investigation of the Trump campaign's possible links to Russia is now focused sharply on financial transactions involving the president's associates. [Read More]
Ohio manufacturers and a consumers group are praising a decision by legislators to strike from the n... [Read More]
Cigna's momentum-fueled stock price to date belies its underlying reliance on healthcare premiums that are under siege with the release of the House and Senate... [Read More]
At least nine Republicans have publicly come out against the Senate healthcare bill. [Read More]