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A Solo alien, a Sesame Street 'Mando,' a Clone Wars regular, and three famous directors turn up in new Star Wars episode. [Read More]
Caroll Spinney, the whole body puppeteer who brought Sesame Street's Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch to life, died Sunday at age 85 in Connecticut.... [Read More]
"Sesame Street" is celebrating its golden anniversary this year, and two generations of Americans have their favorite memories from that TV show. [Read More]
What do Sesame Street, Sally Field, Earth Wind & Fire, Linda Ronstadt & conductor Michael Tilson Thomas have in common?  They will all be recognized... [Read More]
Boris Johnson held his Conservative seat in the constituency of Uxbridge and South Ruislip, overcoming some unusual candidates. Lord Buckethead, Count Binface, and a... [Read More]
Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn was approached by an activist dressed as Elmo from Sesame Street as he made his way to vote... [Read More]
JEREMY CORBYN was upstaged at his polling station yesterday by Elmo from children's TV show Sesame Street. [Read More]
In 1969, when Sesame Street was just getting started Big Bird was just getting introduced to children across the country. [Read More]
Warner Bros. has announced a Shazam 2 release date while moving its Sesame Street live-action movie to 2022, pushed back a year. [Read More]
First, as expected after the Matrix announcement, WB's Sesame Street movie has moved from June 4, 2021 to January 14, 2022. [Read More]
Warner Bros. has moved back its live-action "Sesame Street" movie six months to Jan 15, 2022, and set an April 1, 2022, release date for... [Read More]
Warner Bros. had more release date changes and announcements today in the wake of yesterday's avalanche of news with dates for Matrix 4 and The Flash.... [Read More]
The unnamed woman, dressed as Elmo from Sesame Street, is thought to have been protesting regarding Fathers4Justice and was backing a 'Give Me Back Elmo'... [Read More]
The Labour leader's security team restrained a woman dressed as the Sesame Street character as he arrived to vote at a primary school in his... [Read More]
ELECTION DAY is well underway and leaders from across the political parties have cast their votes - but Who is Elmo? Who is Sesame Street... [Read More]
There are so many wonderful shows coming to the Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center in the next few months but we wanted to focus on... [Read More]
Which Sesame Street character did the late Carroll Spinney voice, alongside Big Bird? [Read More]