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While writing this month's Let's Dish column, I realized Craig Lawson Jr. is the fourth chef I have written about that is not affiliated with... [Read More]
Governor Dannel P. Malloy released the following statement regarding the October Labor Situation report, which shows an increase of 1,500 net jobs for the month.... [Read More]
Satellite imagery from NASA shows how a massive plume of smoke from the devastating Camp Fire has spread across much of Northern California. [Read More]
A recanvass was held Thursday morning in Hart County to determine if the votes reported in the midterm general election last week for the Horse... [Read More]
Half-fare Metrocards will be offered to low-income riders starting in January, but research by an anti-poverty group shows as many as one-in-five qualified riders may... [Read More]
A new comprehensive study shows planting more trees and preserving fields and wetlands can help to combat climate change. [Read More]
Dramatic dashcam video shows a sheriff's deputy in a shootout following a traffic stop in Arkansas. About 40 shots were fired during the shootout Sunday.... [Read More]
Apple is enlisting Oscar-winning indie studio A24 to produce a slate of films for the tech behemoth. The partnership comes as Apple is delving more... [Read More]
Deputies in Central Florida pulled over a number of drivers after they caught them failing to stop for a... [Read More]
A bone-crushingly cold super-Earth has been discovered approximately six light years away from our Sun, a new study shows. The study, published in the scientific... [Read More]
Two years ago Richard Scudamore gave an interview to The Telegraph in which he said he wanted to "move the dial";... [Read More]
Video shown in court during El Chapo's trial in New York City shows one of his underground drug tunnels between Mexico and Arizona. Joaquin "El... [Read More]
Epic conversation shows how Americans on both sides can come to an agreement... [Read More]
Non-profit and without permanent collections, but still producing shows on the elevated scale of larger galleries, charging no admission, but pursuing ambitious programming, these active,... [Read More]
Trying to decide what shows are worth your time and money? Here's a quick look at the Dallas-Fort Worth productions I'm most looking forward to... [Read More]
Jeff Austin doesn't care if fans place his unfinished songs on YouTube. Myriad recording artists refuse to preview material live, fearing that it will land... [Read More]
The joy shows on Marvin Lewis' face. The Bengals coach is back to doing what he loves — runnin... [Read More]
Commercial crabbing season in the Pacific Ocean off the Oregon Coast will be delayed at least 15 days due to small crabs.The commercial catch of... [Read More]
With the revolving-door slate of deals making it tough to keep track of what's coming and going to Netflix each month, we're here to help... [Read More]