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Fresh off his ouster from CNN after tweeting "Sieg Heil!", Jeffrey Lord is back...and is writing for Breitbart! [Read More]
The governing body of international soccer, FIFA, opened a disciplinary case against the German soccer federation after fans who traveled to the World Cup qualifier... [Read More]
'They bring shame on our country,' German team manager Joachim Loew said following the World Cup qualifier in Prague... [Read More]
Germany coach Joachim Loew on Sunday dubbed as "shameful" Nazi-era chanting by a hardcore group of "so-called fans" during a World Cup qualifier.The chants of... [Read More]
Congregation Beth Israel is the sole synagogue in Charlottesville and, although the sounds and sights of bigotry and hatred that stirred fear in worshippers as... [Read More]
As a Jewish musician sang a prayer for healing, Beth Epstein started to cry. She didn't realize how broken she felt until now. Two weeks... [Read More]
"We are a resilient people." Musicians from across the country led Shabbat services with joyful music... [Read More]
Neil Buchanan writes, We can't define down the word 'racist' to mean only people who shout 'Sieg heil!'... [Read More]
German news magazine Stern's latest cover features U.S. President Donald Trump on the cover, draped in an American flag and doing the Nazi salute. [Read More]
According to the Hill, German magazine Stern issued its new edition with a cover featuring U.S. President Donald Trump giving the 'Sieg heil' Nazi salute.... [Read More]
The German magazine Stern — the German word for "star" — issued its new edition on Wednesday with a cover featuring U.S. President Donald Trump... [Read More]
'I guess he was getting a little bit fed up and was probably fighting back too hard and they said 'we gotta get out of... [Read More]
Kathryn I. SchmittEast Lyme — Police arrested two people early Tuesday after they said one kicked out the window of a cruiser and the other... [Read More]
The network parted ways with Lord after he tweeted "Sieg Heil" — a phrase banned in Germany because of its association with Hitler and the... [Read More]
Looks like tweeting a Nazi salute isn't a dealbreaker for Breitbart. According to The Daily Beast, the alt-right's flagship website is in talks with pro-Trump pundit... [Read More]
My vision of and for America does NOT include "Sieg Heil". Republicans who decline to condemn the president's encouragement for white supremacists, etc. always add,... [Read More]
Twenty years ago, while in Germany coaching young American soccer players touring Europe, I heard the words "Heil Hitler" from across the room, and I... [Read More]
REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst The president of a synagogue in Charlottesville, Virginia described a harrowing scene with armed white supremacists threatening the temple and chanting... [Read More]
President of town's synagogue says armed supremacists stood across the street shouting "Sieg Heil!" [Read More]
President of town's synagogue says armed supremacists stood across the street shouting "Sieg Heil!" [Read More]