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Saturday, August 12, 2017 at 11:02 AM
On Christmas Eve of 2015, Kim Perkins was helping to unpack a moving truck that had just brought her family from California to Omaha. Perkins... [Read More]
This week, James Damore, a male software engineer at Google wrote a 10-page "manifesto" criticising his employer for pushing diversity programmes. Damore said women can't... [Read More]
In the age of tech, there is a certain image one has of start-ups that make it. This archetype usually includes a small company that... [Read More]
As Google finds itself in the centre of a gender gap media storm, we examine the prevalence of sexism in the workplace. [Read More]
... But it's still far from equal. [Read More]
Two Times reporters discuss the latest events of the technology world, focusing this week on the many controversies spreading across Silicon Valley. [Read More]
Adam Keiper In Chaos Monkeys, his memoir about his rocky career in high tech, Antonio García Martínez lists a few pithy rules for understanding how... [Read More]
Dear men of Silicon Valley... [Read More]
I spent three months living in San Francisco in 2014 for a work assignment. As a New Yorker, I had the feeling I was... [Read More]
Immortality has gone secular. Unhooked from the realm of gods and angels, it's now the subject of serious investment—both intellectual and financial—by philosophers, scientists, and... [Read More]
More than a dozen women have accused VCs of sexual harassment in recent weeks, allegations that have cost several investors their jobs. [Read More]
Steve Hilton, a tech entrepreneur who was an adviser to former Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain, is Fox News's first host in the liberal... [Read More]
Silicon Valley tech executives aren't the only ones struggling to close the gender and diversity gap in computer science. Education leaders must also work to shift the... [Read More]
A former employee of the financial start-up known as SoFi said in a lawsuit that he witnessed female employees being harassed by managers and was... [Read More]
Scandal in Silicon Valley. [Read More]
Inconsistency in corporate codes of conduct is eroding the creative climate in Silicon Valley. [Read More]
Silicon Valley tech companies are implementing mandatory “anti-bias retraining” programs, in a collective effort to combat the prejudices. [Read More]
Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who cancelled a meeting he'd cancelled his vacation to call, is not the only tech leader with a front seat to... [Read More]
🔥🔥 ... [Read More]
Over and over again, America's far-right has learned that the 1st Amendment doesn't protect them from Silicon Valley tech companies. (August 11, 2017) (Sign up... [Read More]