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Shipbuilder DSME's faltering second-quarter results and HMM's steep loss raise new concerns about shipping businesses with an important role in South Korea's economy. [Read More]
Moon Jae-in will travel to Pyongyang next month for his third meeting this year with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. [Read More]
Son Heung-min, a forward at Tottenham Hotspur, joined the South Korean football team this week to take part in the Asian Games which he desperately... [Read More]
If you're looking for the cattiest reporting on fuel economy regulation, you've come to the right place. This is the Morning Shift for August 15,... [Read More]
A South Korean man faces three years in prison after being convicted of purchasing illicit drugs online using his virtual currency savings. [Read More]
With tensions on the Korean peninsula easing, North and South Korea are holding a cross border reunion for families that were split during the Korean... [Read More]
Former presidential hopeful Ahn Hee-jung was acquitted on charges of abusing his authority to have sex with his secretary. [Read More]
SEOUL: A third summit of Korean leaders planned for next month will be a further step toward denuclearisation of the peninsula and a peace treaty... [Read More]
President Moon Jae-in said the Koreas should link their railways and set up joint economic zones, provided the North takes real steps toward giving up... [Read More]
Fermented food is popping up on menus across the country and on supermarket shelves too. This is one food trend that's worth checking out. Researchers... [Read More]
President Moon Jae-in said he wants to start a 'railroad community' with other countries, including North Korea. [Read More]
South Korean President Moon Jae-in says economic cooperation between North and South Korea will follow peace and denuclearisation... [Read More]
America's efforts to ensure the denuclearization of North Korea have settled into a precarious state of limbo since President Trump's Singapore summit with North Korean... [Read More]
The South Korean government has said it will ban about 20,000 BMWs from its streets after a spate of the vehicles catching fire. The... [Read More]
South Korean President Moon Jae-in delivered a message of incentives to Kim Jong Un on Wednesday. [Read More]
South Korea's foreign ministry expressed "deep concern" following Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's decision to make a ritual offering at Yasukuni Shrine. [Read More]
The South Korean president has called for the creation of road and rail links between his country and North Korea by the end of the... [Read More]
China has blasted US tariffs on solar panel imports, filing a complaint at the World Trade Organization in the latest salvo of the trade battle... [Read More]
A third summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in is planned for September. While the subject of denuclearization... [Read More]
A third summit of Korean leaders planned for next month will be a further step toward denuclearization of the peninsula and a peace treaty to... [Read More]