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Now that Arm Tights by Spanx have arrived, ready to conquer the flabby upper arms of women everywhere, an ingenious suite of new female underpinnin... [Read More]
Exosuit that uses soft robotics to mimic muscle architecture and let wearers change direction could lead to take-home exoskeletons for people recovering after stroke... [Read More]
The actress, 45, of course, has enjoyed a very high profile split from her Oscar winning husband Ben Affleck that's played out over the past... [Read More]
The museum's landmark show of 111 quintessential wearable designs spans Moon Boots to maternity wear to that "uniform" of perfume, Chanel No. 5. [Read More]
Spanx, the billion-pound underwear brand, has launched its new product in the UK this week;... [Read More]
SPANX Founder and CEO Sara Blakely Introduces Her Latest Invention... [Read More]
((SL Advertiser)) For more information about Arm Tights from Spanx, go to [Read More]
The founder of Spanx says its latest product is like tights for your arms, and promises to smooth and flatten them. [Read More]
Spanx is launching arm tights. [Read More]
Bebe Rexha wore 3 pairs of Spanx under her leggings and more behind-the-scenes moments... [Read More]
The billionaire founder tells the crowd at the 2017 Inc. Women's Summit how she oriented her company away from conventional business models. [Read More]
She announced the apparel company's newest product at the 2017 Inc. Women's Summit in New York City. [Read More]
She also unveiled Spanx's newest product at the Inc. Women's Summit on Monday. [Read More]
It seems just about everyone has heard of Spanx thanks to their mention in mainstream media, on numerous reality TV shows and sitcoms and the... [Read More]
Spanx is rolling out arm tights to smooth and flatten top half of torso and more headlines . [Read More]
"It's basically a crop top made out of tights, Spanx founder Sara Blakely said. [Read More]
For better or for worse, arm tights are coming. [Read More]
Spanx is now selling tights for your arms. [Read More]
Spanx is launching tights for your arms.  The shapewear company will begin selling "Arm Tights" on September 25, Vogue reports. Basically, the arm tights do... [Read More]
If women can learn anything from Vogue, it's that we're supposed to be louder, stronger and more present than ever this year, fighting back against... [Read More]