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The company quickly rolled out a fix and says it's resolved. [Read More]
It looks like things are starting to get better. [Read More]
There's no fun on the internet right now. [Read More]
and it wasn't your, or your phone's, fault. Google Cloud Platform had an outage today, around 12:15 p.m. PT, that limited the ability for many... [Read More]
Multiple online services are experiencing outages and slow responses today due to a problem with Google's Cloud platform. The company has confirmed that it is... [Read More]
Problems with Google Cloud appear to be affecting apps including 'Pokémon GO,' Discord, Spotify, Snapchat and more. [Read More]
Getty Images People walk in Google's New York offices Issues with Google's Cloud Platform hit several major websites... [Read More]
The Spotify app on Android and iOS now lets you clear your cache without affecting your downloaded songs. That's a minor quality of life improvement... [Read More]
Full-time company president, part-time DJ. Goldman Sachs has just announced that David Solomon, 56, will be its next CEO, taking over the reins from the... [Read More]
The Google outage either took down or otherwise crippled the popular LA-based Snapchat social network, the Discord chat service, the Spotify music streaming service, and... [Read More]
Zone·tv™ is introducing a revolutionary, feature-rich suite of powerful video services under the zone·tv Studio brand, that enable completely new ways to engage and empower... [Read More]
The last four weeks have been dedicated to viewing the world's biggest sporting event, the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and Spotify listeners worldwide... [Read More]
Klang Games, a Berlin-based game development studio, has raised $8.95 million in funding to support Seed, an artificial intelligence-driven massively multiplayer space colonization online simulation.... [Read More]
Through increasingly detailed dashboards and resources like Spotify for Artists and Apple Music for Artists, up-and-coming acts are leveraging... [Read More]
Let's say you want to buy a modern video game console, and you have $300 to play with: What should you buy? For $300,... [Read More]
The National's landmark LP Boxer celebrated its 10th anniversary last year and to commemorate the occasion, the band released a special edition live version of the... [Read More]
Android Wear 2.0 was supposed to usher in a wave of smartwatch applications that could run independently from a connected phone... but that didn't really... [Read More]
Andrea Chalupa, co-host of the new podcast "Gaslit Nation," has spent the last two years warning people about President Trump's ties to Russia. She's especially... [Read More]
Apple Music overtakes Spotify in the U.S. Tencent spins off its music service. PayPal looks to make a deal. And Twitter suspends millions of accounts.... [Read More]
Spotify and Apple Music have been dominating the streaming music business of late, growing their number of users by the tens of millions. But Roger... [Read More]