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"I am so sick of hearing people scream the word racism every time a minority gets arrested for something unlawful," Trillo said. [Read More]
Two men were arrested on suspicion of trespassing last week at a Starbucks in Philadelphia. [Read More]
Last week, two black men were arrested in Philadelphia for sitting in a Starbucks. In the face of such apparent racism and growing demands to... [Read More]
Howard Schultz traveled to Philadelphia Wednesday and along with Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson, met with members of POWER, an interfaith group who took part in... [Read More]
Starbucks is making reparations following outrage over the arrest of two black men at one of its cafes last week. [Read More]
Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson told Don Lemon that it's been an emotional experience and he is trying to understand how this could happen in today's... [Read More]
Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz says in a new interview that he is "embarrassed" and "ashamed" after two African-American men were arrested by police while waiting... [Read More]
Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson met with the two black men arrested in a Philadelphia store to discuss what measures the company can implement to prevent... [Read More]
Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said his heart sank when he watched the video of two black men being arrested at a Philadelphia location on Thursday. [Read More]
He said the arrest "should not have happened." [Read More]
Impliciat Association Tests are both widely used and widely criticized. ... [Read More]
Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson has met twice with the two men who were arrested and apologized... [Read More]
Starbucks announced Tuesday it will be closing 8,000 of its stores nationwide to send its 175,000 employees to "racial bias training" boot camp following an... [Read More]
Starbucks CEO says, "this is just one stepin a journey that requires dedication from every level of our company." [Read More]
Starbucks announced Tuesday that it would close all company-owned stores and corporate offices in the United States on May 29 to conduct "racial-bias education," following... [Read More]
Hold on to your lattes: Starbucks is going to close some 8,000 stores across the United States on May 29th in order to "conduct racial-bias... [Read More]
Starbucks is closing all stores on May 29 after an incident in which two black men were arrested in a Philadelphia location. On... [Read More]
The Philadelphia Starbucks manager who called 911 on the two men, leading to their arrest, is "no longer at that store." [Read More]
Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson has met with the two black men arrested last week at a Philadelphia Starbucks. Johnson apologized for the way they were... [Read More]