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Gov. Abbott will host the first roundtable event at the Texas State Capitol on Tuesday at 1:30 p.m.        ... [Read More]
Calls to enact stricter gun control laws in Arizona have resurfaced after last week's school shooting near Houston. Around 150 students, parents and community members... [Read More]
More than a dozen demonstrators were arrested last night at the State Capitol after authorities say they refused to leave well after business hours. [Read More]
Louisiana lawmakers return Tuesday for an all-too-familiar scene at the state Capitol: The opening of yet another special session aimed at balancing a hole-riddled budget.... [Read More]
Several protesters were arrested Monday as they marched to the State Capitol and stood their ground outside the governor's office. The CHP reports 18 people... [Read More]
The office of California's lieutenant governor is often referred to by the unflattering diminutive "lite gov." But it can get even worse. When I was... [Read More]
Students and adults from around the valley gather outside the State Capitol on May 21, 2018 to honor the victims of the school shooting at... [Read More]
Sixteen individuals, from 29-75 year's of age, retired teachers & students, ministers and artists will spend the night in the rotunda of the Kentucky State... [Read More]
If you were born in New York State, your DNA is being stored in Albany, and you may be surprised to learn who has access... [Read More]
After another school shooting last week in Texas, members of the Utah School Safety Commission say they're inching closer toward a series of recommendations to... [Read More]
Dozens of protesters are blocking the entrances to the state Capitol in Albany as part of a series nonviolent protests being held nationwide. The New... [Read More]
The vote on whether to ban mandatory union fees in Missouri will be August seventh. The date change got final approval Thursday at the State... [Read More]
There's a new monument coming to the state capitol, and it is the first of its kind dedicated to the female leader's who've made an... [Read More]
The Jordan School District is paving the way for education when it comes to women's history. West Jordan Middle School has been chosen to test... [Read More]
Traffic issues are expected near the state Capitol Monday afternoon for the second week in a row. The Poor People's Campaign is holding another rally... [Read More]
Tonight, a candlelight vigil is being held by March For Our Lives Arizona at 7 p.m. at our State Capitol to honor the lives lost in last... [Read More]
Back in March, about 500 protesters marched on the State Capitol shouting, "No rollback!" after a dozen bills were filed that essentially would have gutted... [Read More]
That cheering at the state Capitol is not because the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl. It's because the U.S. Supreme Court has overturned a... [Read More]
After one week in the state Capitol, Assemblyman Chris Tague, R-102, outlined several things he could accomplish in the month left in the state legislative... [Read More]