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Renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has accepted an invitation to take a free ride into space aboard Richard Branson's commercial spaceline, Virgin Galactic. [Read More]
At long last, Stephen Hawking has regained a British accent—sort of. In a Comic Relief skit for charity, Hawking explains he's bored of... [Read More]
One of DeepMind's investors allegedly joked that they should have killed artificial intelligence (AI) guru Demis Hassabis while they had the chance, according to a... [Read More]
Stephen Hawking Made An Appearance in Hong Kong As A HumaGram Stephen Hawking made an appearance in Hong Kong to discuss President Donald Trump and... [Read More]
Stephen Hawking made an appearance in Hong Kong to discuss President Donald Trump and Brexit and he did it without having to travel anywhere. [Read More]
Actores de la talla de Liam Neeson y empresarios como Bill Gates quisieron ser la nueva forma de comunicación del famoso científico. [Read More]
All in the name of UK charity Comic Relief. [Read More]
There comes a time when every celebrity needs a reinvention — even if that celebrity is 75-year-old physicist Stephen Hawking. In a comedy sketch for the... [Read More]
After decades of communicating via a computerized speech synthesizer, Hawking recently auditioned A-list actors and leaders around the world to temporarily update his voice.  ... [Read More]
Stephen Hawking's computer-generated voice, which he uses because ALS has inhibited his ability to speak, may be more recognizable than the voices of some famous... [Read More]
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