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Fourteen months ago, Steve Bannon had a key job in the White House -- chief strategist for President Donald Trump. Now? He's giving speeches to... [Read More]
A fundraiser that was scheduled for Wednesday October 24th at the Roycroft Inn in East Aurora and featuring Steve Bannon, President Trump's former aide, has now been... [Read More]
He was originally scheduled to appear at a rally at the Roycroft in East Aurora that day, but canceled because of threats against the historic... [Read More]
Giving controversial figure a platform could normalise 'far right, racist views,' warns Scotland's political leader... [Read More]
Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has pulled out of an Edinburgh conference because former White House strategist Steve Bannon is scheduled to speak at the... [Read More]
Scotland's first minister objected strongly to inclusion of Donald Trump's former aide... [Read More]
ABC airs "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" for the first time this season, followed by "Toy Story of Terror." We also get the "Murphy... [Read More]
The first minister said the inclusion of Steve Bannon - a former Trump aide - risked normalising far-right views. [Read More]
Scotland's First Minister has pulled out of a conference after learning that former White House strategist Steve Bannon will speak at the event. [Read More]
Less than two years ago, Steve Bannon was arguably the most powerful man in the world and it was terrifying.  I remember the despair... [Read More]
Assemblyman David DiPietro has called off an event at the Roycroft Inn in East Aurora involving Steve Bannon. [Read More]
The fourth episode of CBS's Murphy Brown reboot was rather uneventful, at least compared to the first few. Most of the storyline was devoted to... [Read More]
Bob Woodward's new book, "Fear," depicts what life is like inside Trump's White House. One of the many people Woodward interviewed was former Chief Strategist... [Read More]
A fundraiser planned for Assemblyman David J. DiPietro at East Aurora's iconic Roycroft Inn featuring far-right figure Steve Bannon has been canceled after an o…... [Read More]
Imagine if Mike Flynn and Steve Bannon got sacked for conspiring to kill a US journalist, and Jared Kushner was tasked by Trump to run... [Read More]
Imagine if Mike Flynn and Steve Bannon got fired for conspiring to kill a US journalist, and Jared Kushner was tasked by Trump to run... [Read More]
In Brazil, the far-right front-running presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro is being accused of profiting from a misinformation campaign smearing his opponent Fernando Haddad. Haddad's leftist... [Read More]
En Brasil, el candidato presidencial que recoge mayor intención de voto, el ultraderechista Jair Bolsonaro, está siendo acusado de beneficiarse de una campaña de desinformación... [Read More]
Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mick Rich said today he still plans to attend an event in Roswell with former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon,... [Read More]
Nate McMurray is in a dead heat in upstate New York with indicted GOP Rep. Chris Collins, who's bringing in Steve Bannon for help. [Read More]