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Billionaire hedge fund investor Tom Steyer, a late addition to the Democratic presidential field, reportedly told a San Francisco bookstore crowd this week that he... [Read More]
Donald Trump's victory in 2016 has emboldened all sorts of improbable candidates to think they have a chance to win in 2020. This is not... [Read More]
Watch your Bangor News on WVII ABC 7 and WFVX Fox 22, ABC and Fox Affiliate in Bangor Maine... [Read More]
Democrats are in the midst a burgeoning civil war between three warring political armies.  ... [Read More]
Democratic presidential candidate and billionaire hedge fund manager Tom Steyer lamented Wednesday that people keep calling him "rich." [Read More]
Billionaire Tom Steyer wants to break corporate control of government and deal with climate change on an "emergency basis" as he tries to rally grassroots... [Read More]
Tom Steyer, who is a billionaire and plans to spend $100 million on his long-shot presidential campaign, does not see himself as "rich." [Read More]
Big donor Steyer's presidential run could deny millions to other Democratic races... [Read More]
Dear Editor: Like Donald Trump, Tom Steyer is just another rich megalomaniac candidate running for president, by preying on voters' disillusionment with today's "post-truth era"... [Read More]
Mr. Steyer plans to spend $100 million of his own money to take on President Trump, whether anyone wants him to or not. [Read More]
USA-ELECTION/STEYER (PIX):Big donor Steyer's presidential run could deny millions to other Democratic races... [Read More]
Washington Free Beacon editor in chief Matthew Continetti said that the entrance of Tom Steyer into the Democratic primary means the billionaire activist will likely... [Read More]
Steyer spoke with for an exclusive interview... [Read More]
Billionare Democratic candidate Tom Steyer says he'll spend $100 million of his own money on his presidential campaign. But he may struggle to get donors... [Read More]
Presidential candidate positions himself as a financially independent outsider... [Read More]
Billionaire philanthropist turned politician Tom Steyer plans to campaign in the swing state of Ohio this week, with appearances in Cleveland and Columbus. [Read More]
Ross Perot thought he was Batman. Donald Trump and Tom Steyer do too, according to Sam Thielman, writing on NBC's "Think" website. I don't know.... [Read More]
Tom Steyer plans to roll out a "5 Rights" agenda on a campaign swing through Ohio Thursday that calls for "unencumbered access to voting, clean... [Read More]
The latest Democratic candidate to enter the presidential race held his first Bay Area campaign appearance in San Francisco-- billionaire businessman Tom Steyer. [Read More]
White House hopeful Tom Steyer visited Manny's in San Francisco, a familiar stop for Democrats. In addition to campaign priorities, he was also asked about... [Read More]