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Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was detained Monday on his release from prison after serving a 30-day sentence for an unauthorised protest, his spokesperson said.... [Read More]
Strict media restrictions left the opposition leader struggling for visibility but Maldivians backed his call for change anyway. [Read More]
There are strict medical standards but people with certain conditions can qualify. [Read More]
The Trump administration proposed strict new rules to deny green cards to millions of potential immigrants if they are deemed likely to use food stamps,... [Read More]
More Australian women are adopting veganism and strict clean-food diets in order to cover up eating disorders, making it more difficult to treat, experts warn. [Read More]
A New York City councilman plans to introduce a bill to close the "Kushner loophole" that fails to check up on landlords if they file... [Read More]
Beth Surmount, Senior Manager of IEEE Strategic Programs, share the stories behind the success of the Women In Engineering International Leadership Conference. Surmount reviews the... [Read More]
For the first time in quite a while, Trevor Bauer felt like a little kid again, anxious and excited with nerves. That was Thursday night,... [Read More]
CLEVELAND: For the first time in quite a while, Trevor Bauer felt like a little kid again, anxious and excited with nerves.That was Thursday night,... [Read More]
A struggling business owner who overpaid his taxes in error by €3,331 has been denied a refund because he missed the deadline by a few... [Read More]
Republican Rep. Tom McClintock of Elk Grove, a liberty-minded conservative and staunch defender of gun rights, took to the House floor Thursday to warn the... [Read More]
For most adults these days, achieving the goal of seven hours' sleep a night is a stretch. [Read More]
Eating a Mediterranean diet can decrease the likelihood of aggressive prostate cancer (or PC) for men, according to a study published in The Journal of Urology. In... [Read More]
Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh's rumoured wedding has been the talk of the town as speculations have led their fans to believe that they will... [Read More]
Nainital district magistrate said the authorities would issue notices to all schools on strict implementation of the Supreme Court guidelines for school buses. [Read More]
The first 10 weeks are the hardest. For new cadets enrolled at the Discovery Challenge Academy, there are strict guidelines to follow, from what you wear... [Read More]
Gwenette Westbrook, Macon-Bibb County NAACP chapter president, requests on Friday that Mayor Robert Reichert enforce the curfew for teens and make it more strict. [Read More]
Pharmaceutical companies spend a lot of money to develop new blockbuster drugs — for research, and then getting the meds through clinical trials. And of... [Read More]
Tyler, The Creator has some strict rules for the studio no one can break. [Read More]
Florida's favorite grocery chain will finally allow its employees to grow beards, albeit with strict standards. [Read More]