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Holly Daniels may not seem so different from her fellow Columbus State Community College students. She works hard at school, makes the Dean's List, hopes... [Read More]
Hundreds protested at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point campus Wednesday over a proposed realignment to the school's majors — dropping the humanities for an emphasis... [Read More]
Parkland students organizing a march on Washington received praise from Obamas Former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama. [Read More]
After researching security systems and measures, some Noblesville parents want new security in place at all the district's schools. Their top choice is virtual command... [Read More]
If the students who walked out of class to protest gun violence had gotten their way, Tuesday's school shooting in Maryland would have been a... [Read More]
Sometimes as a teacher at a college or university, you do your work, you conduct your research and you still are not entirely sure what... [Read More]
Police in Brewster have arrested a teacher on charges he sexually assaulted two six-year-old students at an elementary school. Officers were informed from parents about... [Read More]
With school shootings and a growing number of schools receiving threats of violence-- Freeman, South Dakota is considering having a school sentinel to increase school... [Read More]
Top law enforcement officials, administrators from a New Mexico school district where two students were shot and killed in December and some of the state's... [Read More]
The tip line makes it easy for students to anonymously report concerns about safety at school. They can do so 24 hours a day, five... [Read More]
When students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas return to class after spring break next week, they'll be required to carry clear backpacks. The move is meant... [Read More]
Local students will join students from across the country for the March for our lives on Saturday March 24 in Washington, D.C. . [Read More]
Hear what local students think about the nation's gun violence.        ... [Read More]
The Sarasota County School District has announced a five-point plan to immediately provide short and long-term safety practices and capital improvements to enhance the security... [Read More]
Northgate High School students in Bellevue welcomed the son of baseball great Roberto Clemente on Thursday. [Read More]
Thurgood Marshall Academy students were joined by students from the Parkland high school where the mass shooting happened last month.        ... [Read More]
Fresno State student leaders announced that a new Student Union building has been approved by students. [Read More]
Counsel to the President Kellyanne Conway advised a group of college students on Thursday to indulge in junk food in place of buying fentanyl-laced narcotics.... [Read More]
A talented group of young Baltimore filmmakers will debut their first film Thursday night. [Read More]
The students-turned-activists who survived a mass shooting at their Florida high school last month are featured on the glossy cover of Time Magazine. [Read More]