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Three days after the close of the annual celebration of Sunshine Week in Alabama, the actions of the Florence City School Board raised concerns about... [Read More]
James Madison, the father of our federal Constitution, wrote that "consent of the governed" requires that the people be able to "arm themselves with the... [Read More]
Slowly but surely, government transparency continues its march forward in South Dakota. [Read More]
Require all political communications to disclose the identity of the committee or group that financed them (A.2158-A);... [Read More]
I read several articles in The Meridian Star during the past week on "Sunshine Week." I find the term intriguing because the public does not... [Read More]
Media organizations, grassroots activists, many non-profits and some hardy citizens celebrated openness in government last week. [Read More]
It's officially spring and we're looking for Sunshine. That's with a capital S because we just celebrated "Sunshine Week" earlier this month, a week when... [Read More]
As proven by Sunshine Week every March, when government transparency advocates raise awareness about the importance of access to public records, government... [Read More]
Last week the Department of Justice released its 2017 Chief FOIA Officer Report and agencies across the government began posting their reports as well. The... [Read More]
The week dubbed "Sunshine Week" was celebrated last week, March 12-18. But that's OK.Sunshine Week should be celebrated every week. It's a week that belongs... [Read More]
Slowly but surely, government transparency continues its march forward in South Dakota.In the wake of Sunshine Week, a week set aside each year to encourage... [Read More]
Just as national Sunshine Week ended, recognizing the importance of open government to a democracy, Florida's Constitution Revision Commission begins work with its first meeting... [Read More]
While WKU students were soaking up the sunshine on the beach, journalists were basking in the rays of Sunshine Week. [Read More]
Though most have been distracted with March Madness, Sacramento Bee editorial cartoonist Jack Ohman reminds readers about Sunshine Week... [Read More]
Sunshine Week was observed this past week. Certainly not by our mid-March Midwestern skies, no. [Read More]
Sunshine Week: Accessing animal cruelty data no easy task in N.H. ... As animal cruelty cases grow opaque on the federal level, New Hampshire continues... [Read More]
It's Sunshine Week in Ohio, a time that should have great meaning to you. This... [Read More]
Yesterday, March 18, marked the end of Sunshine Week, a celebrated week in journalism advocating citizens' access to government information, something we all have a... [Read More]
 Most of us may draw a blank, but sundown Saturday marked the close of Sunshine Week, set aside to remind us of a crucial element... [Read More]
Every action of government is your business. [Read More]