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Researchers are hoping that by studying the brains of "super-agers" they'll be able to unlock the secrets to sharp memory in old age. (Feb. 22) [Read More]
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Retirees may traditionally have dreamt of a rural idyll and slower pace of life but downsizers today want to be at the heart of the... [Read More]
It's a question that's vexed humans since the Early Dynastic Period, but now it turns out Eric Idle gave us the answer 39 years ago. [Read More]
Medical experts were stunned when they carried out research on 'super-agers', who despite having many symptoms associated with dementia, seemed not to be affected by... [Read More]
They smoke, they drink and brain scans suggest that they should be getting dementia but a group of "super-agers" — aged 80 to 100 and... [Read More]