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The Nintendo Switch has become the fastest-selling console of this hardware generation through 21 months before selling over three million units of Super Smash Bros.... [Read More]
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It sold 3 million copies in 11 days in the US. [Read More]
Nintendo knocks it out of the park with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Switch sales. [Read More]
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is already a huge hit in the U.S., with the fighting game selling over 3 million copies in just 11 days... [Read More]
Nintendo has sold over three million copies of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the game's first 11 days on the market in the US, making... [Read More]
Sonic The Hedgehog Has Got To Go Fast Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is huge. Not just in terms of hype and importance and sales potential,... [Read More]
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Ultimate is a comprehensive, considered, and charming package that refines and builds on Smash's already strong and enduring fighting system. [Read More]
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Nintendo) [Read More]
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been available on Switch for a little over a week, and the game has already shattered sales records for the... [Read More]
Nintendo sold more than three million copies of its popular brawler "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" in the United States in its first 11 days available,... [Read More]