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At some point, the high court will need to confront the damaging effects of the congressional redistricting practice. [Read More]
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has blocked the planned release of a report by the state attorney general allegedly detailing decades of sexual abuse in the... [Read More]
Columbus City Council will try to get a handle on aggressive panhandling, as it introduces legislation meant to discourage it without running afoul of a U.S.... [Read More]
A tenor, who famously appeared naked in a Vivaldi opera, was sentenced to 10 years probation for his child porn habit, The Post has learned.... [Read More]
I agree with the Supreme Court's decision that let local redistricting decisions stand. I believe that redistricting is a function the states should retain. ... [Read More]
As strongly as I favor established and due process for political changes in our nation, I seek fairness above process. The U.S. Supreme Court's failure... [Read More]
On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court avoided making decisions on the merits of two gerrymandering cases, sending a Wisconsin case back to the federal district... [Read More]
One need only glance at a map of Maryland's 3rd Congressional District to know that something is seriously wrong. Democrats in Maryland used modern computer... [Read More]
The Supreme Court decision on gerrymandering is really more of a non-decision. Sometimes political bias seems obvious in redistricting. Trying to call gerrymandering so partisan... [Read More]
Because of gerrymandering, legislators across the country have been picking their voters rather than voters picking their legislators. Unfortunately the U.S. Supreme Court basically sidestepped... [Read More]
The teenager in the video sits slouched on a loveseat wearing a black long-sleeved shirt, cargo pants and white sneakers, his hands folded but fidgeting... [Read More]
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has blocked the public release of a sweeping grand jury report detailing seven decades of child sexual abuse reports in six... [Read More]
The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled against the city of Toledo when it comes to the use of red light cameras. But, this doesn't change... [Read More]
A former Connecticut death row inmate has been re-sentenced to life in prison for the 2002 slaying of a single mother in Hartford. The sentence... [Read More]
Justices on Brazil's highest court acquitted the Workers' Party president of corruption and money-laundering charges in a case stemming from the country's mammoth graft investigation.... [Read More]
Judges, not juries, have the sole power to decide whether someone under 18 gets life in prison without parole, the Michigan Supreme Court said Wednesday. [Read More]
Pennsylvania's highest court is holding up the public release of a grand jury report expected to reveal details of widespread sexual abuse, dating back decades,... [Read More]
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court Wednesday blocked the expected release of a massive report examining sexual abuse and misconduct by priests in six Pennsylvania dioceses. ... [Read More]
COLUMBUS, Ohio–Ohio's Supreme Court has ruled in a Toledo case that a trial court couldn't block implementation of a 2015 state law deducting funding to... [Read More]
'Better stand up for yourself'... [Read More]